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Free Knitting Patterns – Drops Design

Ok… so guess who ended up on Pinterest browsing knitting patterns this morning… umm yes that would be me…

So I ended up stumbling across while browsing ideas for Christmas Jumper patterns (because of course I have time to get one knitted… more likely the first Christmas in the next decade!). Anyway, this website has loads of free knitting and crochet patterns – I presume the patterns work? – so that you’ll buy their yarn to knit the patterns with.

Of course I didn’t just look at Christmas jumpers, I ended up hunting through most of the patterns. So I thought I would share some of my favorite knitting patterns…

Baby Patterns



I love this jumper. It’s just adorable 🙂 Thinking it could be bub’s first Christmas Jumper for next year!

The rest of the baby stuff is a bit traditional for me though.


Home for Christmas 


I love these socks 🙂 I’m definitely adding them to my sock To-Do list for next year 🙂 It will also be good to make use of my DP 3.5mm needles 🙂

Merry Red


I am loving this Christmas Jumper – it’s the one that got me started down this rabbit hole! The fit looks really good, I love the pattern and the colour 🙂 (Bright red is a definite fav of mine!)

My First Christmas


Now this pattern doesn’t look massively complex and looks super cute. I wouldn’t be able to start it until about September… I’ve heard babies grow quickly and I want to make sure bubs will definitely fit into this over Christmas next year.


Open Air


This one looks like a good start for an attempt to knit a shawl. Pattern doesn’t look massively complex – so hopefully I can finish it without too much frustration.

Winter Drizzle


This one looks really cute. It would be fun to have a bit of a play with the colours – maybe something with glitter 🙂

Ladies Stuff



I love this knitted dress pattern 🙂 It’s super cute – Thinking either dark blue or something similar. I love bold colours.

Sideways Glance


I seriously love this pattern. It’s so cute with the multi colours. Definitely want this one.

Sleepy Sheep


Another really cute set of socks to add to my sock list. Looks a bit more technical with the pattern. But would look seriously awesome if I could finish them!

Black Ice


I love the geometric black and white design on this one. Personally, I would knit it a little bit longer so it covered my bum comfortably (thinking a combo with leggings would look awesome!). Also, apart from the patterning, this doesn’t look like a massively complex knit.

There are seriously loads of amazing free patterns on this site.

Do you guys know any good sites? Please share below.

Baby brain signing off





6 thoughts on “Free Knitting Patterns – Drops Design

  1. I love Garnstudio! Some of their patterns are easy to understand, but some need to be read over and over again just to make sense. But I have to say, they do have a lot of wonderful patterns…
    However, I love ravelry the most. I can spend just the whole day browsing through the pattern library…x

  2. The last two, Sleepy Sheep and Black Ice, have just been favorited by me on Ravelry. Thanks for the heads up! Have you worked a DROPS pattern before? Most people I know don’t like them, but I didn’t have any problems. They are not written in a way which explains every little step. There is not much hand holding, which is fine if you know what you are doing. Good luck and I can’t wait to see which one you start off with! All are very festive. 🙂

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