My Name is Kirsty and I’m Here to Confess that Addicted to Knitting

I really do feel that I need to confess this.

When I’m not actually knitting I seem to be on the old internet hunting for patterns I could be knitting – not that I get time to knit many of them….

But it does keep me dreaming…

Current knitting projects:

  • An Star Wars Scarf I started planning last year… it was discovered as the nursery was sorted through. This should be a pretty simple knit. But it just needs some time putting into it. I think I’ll knit this in the round
  • Patchwork knitted blanket. About half of the squares are done.
  • Baby tank top. This is my main focus in the hope that I will get it done before bubs gets here.

Dream knitting projects:

  • Chain link scarf. I saw this in a shop a few years ago and have wanted to knit something similar ever since. It would also be a great project for using up spare wool


  • I love this Harry Potter blanket! This is one that  found in crochet on Pinterest… obviously I’ve not managed to figure out how to crochet yet…. so this will be done in knitting – should I ever get the time. If I shrunk the scale this would be an awesome blanket for snuggling on the sofa 🙂

Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses crocheted afghan backed with cuddly blanket fleece!  Best part: no sewing.:

I would also love to have a go at knitting a poncho/shawl as the temperature at work seems to be the complete opposite of where it needs to be!  So it would be lovely to have one as an extra layer 🙂 But I have no idea where to start – so any suggestions for beginners would be very welcome 🙂

Anyway… I’m going to try and move away from the computer so I don’t spend to much in the Black Friday Deals!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends 🙂

Baby Brain Signing off

MrsKirstyHoll x


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