Week 33 – Baby stuff, an F.O. and WIPs progress 

So the last week has actually been pretty productive (pat on the back for me)! Now the iron tablets have well and truly kicked in, so has my ability to concentrate! 

The last couple of weeks has seen some more stocking up with clothes and baby stuff for the imminent arrive of bubs. 

This is our new baby bath – we thought it might be a bit safer than the traditional bath…

We’ve also brought a huge selection of clothes in sizes ranging up to a year.

And a few teddys…

I imagine we won’t stop there… I’ve heard this is pretty common with first borns… but’s its really fun 🙂 where possible we’ve tried to get second hand as most of the young baby stuff is bairly worn!

For those that missed it, I managed to finish my red socks! yay! They are super comfy and warm. 

In addition to the socks I’ve also managed to make some serious progress on the tank top for bubs this week. The back is sat on a stich holder and I am currently knitting the front.

I’ve also managed to get a few squares knitted as well. This pattern is the mock rib with garter stitch. I have only got to do one more of this pattern and then all the squares of that type are done! 

Although unfortunately I can’t access my spreadsheet at the moment as my laptop charger has died 😦 It sparks by the power block every time I go to plug it in… so not cool. Brought another one off amazon. That should be here on Tuesday and once that arrives I can fire up the spreadsheet and see which pattern I’m on next. Although I could use this week to work out which patterns are the hardest so I have a game plan for the next month! 

So I’m hoping the tank top will be finished ASAP. Then I need to select which pattern I want to start next and order the wool for it. I can get on with some squares while I’m waiting 🙂 

Baby brain signing off 




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