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W.I.P – New WIP. Baby Tank Top

Now those socks have finished I can finally get started on my first baby knit! This was the reason I wanted to learn to knit in the first place – so I could knit for my own baby. 

I picked this pattern up in my local knitting shop – 3605 King Cole.

I couldn’t get the original wool the pattern recommended, but the lady told me this was the closest they had. I’m rather in love – Humpty Dumpty Wondersoft. Baby DK by Stylecraft.It’s self striping, so it’s going to be lovely watching this come together.

I cast on the back of the top on Friday night when I got home from work… 8 lines of ribbing in 3 1/4.

I then sat in Costa for a few hours (with one seriously yummy large Toasted marshmellow Hot Chocolate). Now TV on my phone – Criminal Minds as seems to be the theme at the moment. Managed to move onto the stocking stitch in 4mm and make some progress there as well.

I am seriously in love with the pattern this wool makes!

The beauty of stocking stitch is that it knits up pretty quickly. So hoping to make some serious progress on this – I would like to get on with a few bubs knits before xmas! (At some point I could do with a new scarf too… but that will depend on whats in my stash and time).

Wish me luck!

Baby brain signing off




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