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Week 32 – WIP and Bub progress

I actually managed to get some WIP project progress made this week 🙂 Which is really exciting as it gives me some hope I might get some stuff finished before bubs get here….

For reference I have 7 1/2 weeks to go until our due date 🙂 So seriously close.

We saw the midwife again on Tuesday – which mean we got to hear Bubs again! She’s pleased with the progress bubs is making – and I learnt that lying on my back is now seriously uncomfortable! Our next challenge is apparently trying to encourage bubs to turn around. That involves me sitting more forward so my shoulders are over my hips. Not my preferred sitting position 😦

My bump is also now huge! The pile of clothes in my wardrobe that actually fits is shrinking by the week – that’s including the oversized stuff I brought a couple of weeks ago which is starting to look small…. Why?!?!? But I only have 5 1/2 weeks until I stop working – so then I can stop caring!

I’ve managed 3 squares over the weekend (go me!). However, that still have 50 squares to go…. That means I need to knit about 7 squares a week to have any hope of finishing the knitting before bubs gets here…. Thinking about this, I need to consider a new plan of action with these squares.

Essentially, I need to figure out which are the most complicated squares. Those need doing first. The simpler squares could be left to fit between bubs taking a nap or for when I go back to work. But that’s going to take a bit of time.

On the bright side, I’ve only got the toe cap to finish on the first sock and a couple of cm’s and the toe cap on the second one. So seriously almost there now. It’s an easy point of the pattern to knit while watching Criminal Minds on Now TV.

So we are so ridiculously close to both bubs getting here and finishing some of the knitting projects…. Wish me luck!

Baby brains signing off



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