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Christmas Knitting/Knits of the year


So I’m not going to lie… Pretty much what got me started on this post of this GIF that a friend posted on Facebook. It’s so cute! (Original source)

So this year, for obvious reasons I won’t be getting any Christmas knitting done (trying to limit my WIPs in the beginning of 2017). However, I thought this would be a great chance to have a look through on my craft pieces so far this year and see what I’d actually manage to do. I seem to have this general feeling that I don’t get much done…


  1. Camo Blanket. This FO has been super useful and super warm. I’ve been sleeping a lot on the sofa now that bubs is making sleeping difficult. This was a project I really enjoyed knitting – it was fully in Garter Stitch and knitted up really quickly as a result. I also loved the texture mix.


2. Baby Booties. I finished these about 2 months before we became pregnant – I think that was probably a sign of how this year was going to go! These booties are huge though…. so I don’t think bubs will be wearing them for a long time…


3. Necklace. I haven’t had a chance for much beading this year. So this was a nice change in pace. This is made from 3 chains made from the same beads but with different designs. Each is removable and so can be worn independently.


4. Nursery Artwork. This has been in the planning for a while. Eventually I finally had the time to put everything together.



  1. Bubs. I definitely count bubs as my favorite WIP of the year. Unlike most of my WIPs, Bubs should at least be finished in the next couple of months (I’m getting kicks in agreement as I write this!)


2. The Nursery. This is, obviously, another exciting WIP. We want this done by the beginning of December. The cupboards need doors, but we have the carpet down now!


3. Sewn Patchwork blanket. This one seems to make leaps of progress and then stall for a while. But it probably only needs another power through to get this done. Fingers crossed this might happen in the maternity time off after xmas!


4. Knitted Patchwork blanket. As you all know this is a long time WIP. But definitely progress has occurred this year (I have a planning spreadsheet now and everything!)


5. Knitted socks. Trying to get these finished ASAP now. I’ve literally only got the end of the foot section of each sock to do.


6. The fluffy hedgehog. Haven’t made much progress on this one. I think it needs frogging and a start over. I’m pretty sure I messed up on the counting….

Hedgehog 2

Fingers crossed I can actually shorten the WIPs list before bubs gets here.. I have about 8 weeks…

Baby brain signing off

Mrs Kirsty Holl





6 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting/Knits of the year

    1. Its been frogged for the minute… 😦 i have no time to knit it and I need to needles for baby stuff. Will restart when I have the time and energy to knit it πŸ™‚ but the king cole tinsel wool is awesome πŸ™‚

  1. A little bit out of topic here… but that exact gif image was in my facebook feed too as one knitting group uploaded it there. That’s bizarre… Anyway. Back to the topic, I think your Bubs is my favourite too ❀

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