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Digital Eagles Day

So burning the late night oil again (I wrote most of this blog Thursday night) – I made the mistake of taking a nap on the way home in the car (I wasn’t driving). Basically, I’m up at silly o’clock again because my body sleeps at funny hours. But, on a positive note, I have tomorrow off work so I don’t need to be able to have 100 % focus… and can go to bed at a relatively normal hour. But the perk of the drive is I did get some knitting done on the way up… I then finished it sat in Marks and Sparks this morning while have coffee with my family.

Anyhow, on the more exciting note, I spent yesterday at the most amazing Digital Eagles day up in Birmingham (hence the driving). Left the house about 6:15 and got back about 21:45. A very long day – but completely worth it!

Basically, the day was very tech heavy. Which was really awesome.

The first presentation of the day was from Philip Colligan, the CEO of Raspberry Pi. This was super exciting and he gave us loads of advice on additional reading materials. I’m still really early days with coding, so all extra advice is really welcome. I came away from the presentation feeling really inspired.

During the day I also attended a cyber security workshop. I’ll do a separate blog post on that as there’s some really helpful tips for protecting yourself against online cyber threats which I think you will all find useful – especially if you’re running a small business. My plan is to do some additional research first.

We also picked up some really awesome freebies too. Including this Micro:bit Lanyard (with a battery pack)… So now I can code on the move! With all this coding info this session, I’m looking forward to getting some coding in this weekend! I also picked up a really cool battery charger – ideal for my pokemon Go! outtings.

Another great talk of the day was from a pair of Youtubers – Carl and Alex. They run a very successful fishing channel on the site. Especially where our channel is so small, it was inspirational to hear from others who had managed to grow the channel. It made me feel much more excited about ours – Although I still need to finish my episode for Monday…

I was hoping to have this up earlier today (it will probably be Saturday by the time you actually read this!), but I had that weird nesting urge kick in. I have literally spent the majority of the evening tidying the house and couldn’t settle until it was looking less like it had been hit by a tornado!

Having now settled I have now been able to finish the blog (it’s now 11:15pm!). I’m out in Southampton tomorrow… so hopefully I can get some more knitting done in the car…

Baby brain signed off…



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