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Week 31 – Confessions of an insomniac

To clarify, in this instance, where I say insomniac I actually mean fell asleep on the sofa at 6pm and woke up wide awake at midnight and now can’t get back to sleep again. So, as a result, I thought I would make use of the piece and quiet of the house and get on with everything I should have done yesterday.

About the only productive thing I did yesterday was go out an buy the carpet for the nursery. Apart from that I  managed to lose hours bingewatching “The Crown” on Netflix (amazing series following the early reign of Queen Elizabeth the II). I managed to finish it late afternoon…. I’m ashamed to say that although the knitting got considered, it never actually happened.

So, now that I’m awake at silly O’ Clock at night I thought I better get on with some stuff.

  1. write a blog for this week šŸ™‚ – So I figured this might be a 2 birds one stone job. I’m really looking forward to having enough mental capacity to write multiple posts again in the week. But I’m trying my best to keep you all updated with a weekly one. Obviously, if you’re reading this I was actually successful!
  2. edit this weeks contribution to Mobile Mondays for the Youtube Channel my husband runs and I contribute content too šŸ™‚ (He literally does 99% of the content). Managed this, so the video will be up on the channel at 7pm tonight. 
  3. finish a Powerpoint for a coding class for kids that I help out with through the Digital Eagles scheme at work. Completed and emailed. So feeling pretty good right about now – even though it’s 3:41am….
  4. Get some knitting done. I’m hoping that putting this last might mean I’m tired enough that this might relax me back to sleep again. Although that will be back on the sofa in order to prevent having to wake my husband up again at at even more stupid O’ Clock later.

Bubs update: Well bubs has grown again! (I kid you not!). I have completely lost the ability to bend over and I’m generally feeling massive. Yesterday I spent the entire day feeling very pregnant. Bubs kept moving into very uncomfortable positions and I get the impression bubs is running out of room in there. My husband has also been able to feel lots of kicks this week, which has been really exciting to have him feel more involved.

The carpet should be going down in the nursery today. So that will be an exciting bit of progress. Once that’s down we can put the doors on the cupboard and start making the space feel more like a room.

Another thing: pretty much none of my T-shirts fits now. The only ones I can still wear were brought from the men’s section. My work wardrobe is very slimline at the moment.  But, including this week, only 7 weeks to go before I leave for maternity leave for a few months. So hopefully I can eeek out what I have for these last few weeks and now show off the skin of my bump too much!

Knitting Update (because this is the fun part): Having now finished the heel of these red socks that have taken far longer to knit then they should have…. I’m now on the nice bit of lengthening the foot portion before I complete the toe end. So fingers crossed they fit!

Note: I fell asleep about 4:30am… But at least it was productive….

Baby brain signing off




2 thoughts on “Week 31 – Confessions of an insomniac

  1. Your socks look great. Well done. Hang in there, not much longer now. These last few weeks goes by so fast. And good for you, napping when you can, even if it means falling asleep on the sofa. šŸ™‚ enjoy while you can.
    Have a great week and take care. šŸ™‚

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