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30 week update

So we’ve now only got 10 weeks(ish) to go!! Which is super exciting.

This week the nursery has made a little progress and the cupboard is coming together…

Bubs has had a growth spurt….

I had to go to tescos to buy some larger vest tops this week. My old ones no longer fitted over the bump. But the non maternity ones from Tesco with adjustable straps were a steal at £5 for a pack of 2.

Also I found out why I’ve been struggling to concentrate over the last few weeks. According to my blood test I’m aneamic -which explains why I spent the previous sunday sleeping on the sofa after food shopping. Now on iron tablets and starting to actually be able to form sentences in my head now. So that’s super promising and there is some hope of actually managing to make some headway of my knitting now…

Although I keep saying that and then failing because I want to nap all the time…. 

In some promising news I have made some progress on the socks! There are a couple of little holes… but fingers crossed I can fix those  with a sewing needle later on.

Sock 1

Sock 2

So there might be some actual chance that I might have these socks on my feet by the time bubs is here…. I’m on the foot part of the sock now. I’ve made it pass the ankle so that should have been the hardest point.

In addition, I’ve also managed to finish off that necklace. 3 chains all removable so I can use the independently.

Baby brain signing off.

Mrs Kirsty Holl

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