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Free Knitting Patterns – Drops Design

Ok… so guess who ended up on Pinterest browsing knitting patterns this morning… umm yes that would be me…

So I ended up stumbling across while browsing ideas for Christmas Jumper patterns (because of course I have time to get one knitted… more likely the first Christmas in the next decade!). Anyway, this website has loads of free knitting and crochet patterns – I presume the patterns work? – so that you’ll buy their yarn to knit the patterns with.

Of course I didn’t just look at Christmas jumpers, I ended up hunting through most of the patterns. So I thought I would share some of my favorite knitting patterns…

Baby Patterns



I love this jumper. It’s just adorable 🙂 Thinking it could be bub’s first Christmas Jumper for next year!

The rest of the baby stuff is a bit traditional for me though.


Home for Christmas 


I love these socks 🙂 I’m definitely adding them to my sock To-Do list for next year 🙂 It will also be good to make use of my DP 3.5mm needles 🙂

Merry Red


I am loving this Christmas Jumper – it’s the one that got me started down this rabbit hole! The fit looks really good, I love the pattern and the colour 🙂 (Bright red is a definite fav of mine!)

My First Christmas


Now this pattern doesn’t look massively complex and looks super cute. I wouldn’t be able to start it until about September… I’ve heard babies grow quickly and I want to make sure bubs will definitely fit into this over Christmas next year.


Open Air


This one looks like a good start for an attempt to knit a shawl. Pattern doesn’t look massively complex – so hopefully I can finish it without too much frustration.

Winter Drizzle


This one looks really cute. It would be fun to have a bit of a play with the colours – maybe something with glitter 🙂

Ladies Stuff



I love this knitted dress pattern 🙂 It’s super cute – Thinking either dark blue or something similar. I love bold colours.

Sideways Glance


I seriously love this pattern. It’s so cute with the multi colours. Definitely want this one.

Sleepy Sheep


Another really cute set of socks to add to my sock list. Looks a bit more technical with the pattern. But would look seriously awesome if I could finish them!

Black Ice


I love the geometric black and white design on this one. Personally, I would knit it a little bit longer so it covered my bum comfortably (thinking a combo with leggings would look awesome!). Also, apart from the patterning, this doesn’t look like a massively complex knit.

There are seriously loads of amazing free patterns on this site.

Do you guys know any good sites? Please share below.

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Forgiveness Sets You Free

Today I thought I’d spend a few hours trying to catch up and write some blog posts (yay for a free Saturday!). Feeling a little uninspired, I thought I would head to the Greatness Journal I told you all about the other week.

Before you even get to recording how you are doing achieving your goals, this diary has a series of exercises to really work out what your focuses are and what has been holding you back.

The first is about writing down all the things that you feel guilty about, resent or regret in your life. Their theory is that by doing this you rid yourself of wasted energy so that you can use this to focus on actually achieving what will make you happy.

Mine was actually surprisingly short, but it still felt really good being able to articulate them on the page.

Alright: so confession time.

I’ve always felt some sort of slight ‘what if’ resentment for not being able to move around because I got married so young (I was 20). My husband does know this as it has been brought up in some sort of PMS crying fit (it happens!) before, but what I hadn’t really stopped and thought about for a long time is that I’m really not sure why I still think I feel like that. In actuality, I don’t think I do.

You see, if I had been able to move I would never have married my husband. Part of the reason I said yes in the first place was that I knew it was one of those moments in life I would always regret had I said ‘no’. As a result of staying in Dorset, I went to an amazing uni and met some amazing people in the jobs I’ve had since graduating. As a  result of staying and not having a hugely stressful ‘successful’ job I’ve been able to re-find my passion for knitting and writing – two huge parts of my life at the moment. As a result of staying in Dorset I now have my first child on the way, can spend loads of quality time with my family and have some amazing friends. In all honesty, I’m not sure what my ‘what if’ scenario could have actually given me.

My husband’s a pretty good bonus too 🙂 (He does read my blogs – I’m pretty sure to see if I’ve spoken about him – so hi!). But I honestly don’t know how the alternative could have panned out better than the current chain of events. So I’m actually seriously giving my younger self a pat on the back for saying yes – after asking if he was joking…. I still can’t believe I actually said that…

The only other thing that does cause some harbored annoyance is that I spent 3 years studying for a degree in Forensic Science and then didn’t get a job in it – part of the issue being I couldn’t move and so this does partly tie in to the ‘what if’ scenario discussed above.

What I hadn’t really properly considered before is that this degree wasn’t actually a waste of time. Because of all the extras and clubs and people I met while I was a uni I became a person who can succeed in the environment that I’m in now. I have the confidence and motivation to put myself ‘out-there’. Because of the person I grow up to be while I was studying at uni I have had the opportunity to get involved in some really exciting things through work.

In addition, I currently have a job that doesn’t really feel like work. Don’t get me wrong, I do treat it seriously, but I enjoy it to the point that I don’t get that ‘OMG it’s Monday already’ feeling. Although, that’s a bit of an exception at the moment because I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant and all I honestly want to do is sleep! But I’m still enjoying it once I’m actually in.

The degree also inspired in me the passion and motivation to follow my dreams and goals. I still need to work on organizing myself better to actually follow through on some of them, but hopefully this diary will help bring my that focus that I seriously need from somewhere! I certainly didn’t have the ability to do that before my degree – I got pushed through my GCSE’s and floundered through my A-levels. Then I learnt to self motivate and focus in Uni and got a First Class Degree – so I can do stuff when I focus and get myself organised. I think I partly just need to get some structure back into my life again… Apparently babies need routines? Hopefully my stuff can fit in there somewhere…

So, in conclusion, I don’t really have anything that really need forgiving. I just had niggling negative thoughts that have taken up far to much space in my head and actually don’t mean anything. The ‘What if’ scenarios don’t deserve the gravitas my subconscious seems to give them. I’m actually really lucky with the life I have. I have an amazing husand, a baby on the way, a house I love, a job I really enjoy, amazing friends and a close knit family. I have time for my knitting and my writing – following my passions is something that really helps keep me grounded and sane I think.

In all seriousness, I seriously do think this exercise works. I definitely feel better for being able to articulate this all on a page. Sometimes you don’t realize how much ‘negative energy’ can have a real effect on your outlook on life and how you live it.

If you had to forgive something in your life what would you forgive?

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My Name is Kirsty and I’m Here to Confess that Addicted to Knitting

I really do feel that I need to confess this.

When I’m not actually knitting I seem to be on the old internet hunting for patterns I could be knitting – not that I get time to knit many of them….

But it does keep me dreaming…

Current knitting projects:

  • An Star Wars Scarf I started planning last year… it was discovered as the nursery was sorted through. This should be a pretty simple knit. But it just needs some time putting into it. I think I’ll knit this in the round
  • Patchwork knitted blanket. About half of the squares are done.
  • Baby tank top. This is my main focus in the hope that I will get it done before bubs gets here.

Dream knitting projects:

  • Chain link scarf. I saw this in a shop a few years ago and have wanted to knit something similar ever since. It would also be a great project for using up spare wool


  • I love this Harry Potter blanket! This is one that  found in crochet on Pinterest… obviously I’ve not managed to figure out how to crochet yet…. so this will be done in knitting – should I ever get the time. If I shrunk the scale this would be an awesome blanket for snuggling on the sofa 🙂

Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses crocheted afghan backed with cuddly blanket fleece!  Best part: no sewing.:

I would also love to have a go at knitting a poncho/shawl as the temperature at work seems to be the complete opposite of where it needs to be!  So it would be lovely to have one as an extra layer 🙂 But I have no idea where to start – so any suggestions for beginners would be very welcome 🙂

Anyway… I’m going to try and move away from the computer so I don’t spend to much in the Black Friday Deals!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends 🙂

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MrsKirstyHoll x


Week 33 – Baby stuff, an F.O. and WIPs progress 

So the last week has actually been pretty productive (pat on the back for me)! Now the iron tablets have well and truly kicked in, so has my ability to concentrate! 

The last couple of weeks has seen some more stocking up with clothes and baby stuff for the imminent arrive of bubs. 

This is our new baby bath – we thought it might be a bit safer than the traditional bath…

We’ve also brought a huge selection of clothes in sizes ranging up to a year.

And a few teddys…

I imagine we won’t stop there… I’ve heard this is pretty common with first borns… but’s its really fun 🙂 where possible we’ve tried to get second hand as most of the young baby stuff is bairly worn!

For those that missed it, I managed to finish my red socks! yay! They are super comfy and warm. 

In addition to the socks I’ve also managed to make some serious progress on the tank top for bubs this week. The back is sat on a stich holder and I am currently knitting the front.

I’ve also managed to get a few squares knitted as well. This pattern is the mock rib with garter stitch. I have only got to do one more of this pattern and then all the squares of that type are done! 

Although unfortunately I can’t access my spreadsheet at the moment as my laptop charger has died 😦 It sparks by the power block every time I go to plug it in… so not cool. Brought another one off amazon. That should be here on Tuesday and once that arrives I can fire up the spreadsheet and see which pattern I’m on next. Although I could use this week to work out which patterns are the hardest so I have a game plan for the next month! 

So I’m hoping the tank top will be finished ASAP. Then I need to select which pattern I want to start next and order the wool for it. I can get on with some squares while I’m waiting 🙂 

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W.I.P – New WIP. Baby Tank Top

Now those socks have finished I can finally get started on my first baby knit! This was the reason I wanted to learn to knit in the first place – so I could knit for my own baby. 

I picked this pattern up in my local knitting shop – 3605 King Cole.

I couldn’t get the original wool the pattern recommended, but the lady told me this was the closest they had. I’m rather in love – Humpty Dumpty Wondersoft. Baby DK by Stylecraft.It’s self striping, so it’s going to be lovely watching this come together.

I cast on the back of the top on Friday night when I got home from work… 8 lines of ribbing in 3 1/4.

I then sat in Costa for a few hours (with one seriously yummy large Toasted marshmellow Hot Chocolate). Now TV on my phone – Criminal Minds as seems to be the theme at the moment. Managed to move onto the stocking stitch in 4mm and make some progress there as well.

I am seriously in love with the pattern this wool makes!

The beauty of stocking stitch is that it knits up pretty quickly. So hoping to make some serious progress on this – I would like to get on with a few bubs knits before xmas! (At some point I could do with a new scarf too… but that will depend on whats in my stash and time).

Wish me luck!

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F.O. – my first pair of socks!

So my sock virginity has finally been broken! I offically finished these off on Friday – but it took me a couple of days to get this post together 🙂

So the pattern was from my Art of Knitting magazine. It was designed as a beginners sock pattern on straight needles. That was a fairly good classification I think. Don’t get me wrong, there were lots I needed to google. But it wasn’t a huge learning curve and the instructions (for the most part) were pretty easy to follow. 

Apart from the feet (which were a little big), the rest of the sock fits really well. The leg portion seems to stay up without any issues and is the length I wanted it to be. 

I wore them to work on Friday with my black ugg boots. It was cold outside and I really wanted an excuse to wear them!! This is my favourite thing about knitting – being able to actually wear stuff you have made (I’m wearing my original green scraf a lot at the moment!).

Long term though the plan is for these to be indoor socks. I figured they would be really comfy around the house during my maternity leave with bubs! 🙂 

Thanks so much for all the support and advice during this knit – seriously could not have got to this point without you all! 

Next stop is to cast on a tank top for bubs. Will update you with that one during the week! 

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Week 32 – WIP and Bub progress

I actually managed to get some WIP project progress made this week 🙂 Which is really exciting as it gives me some hope I might get some stuff finished before bubs get here….

For reference I have 7 1/2 weeks to go until our due date 🙂 So seriously close.

We saw the midwife again on Tuesday – which mean we got to hear Bubs again! She’s pleased with the progress bubs is making – and I learnt that lying on my back is now seriously uncomfortable! Our next challenge is apparently trying to encourage bubs to turn around. That involves me sitting more forward so my shoulders are over my hips. Not my preferred sitting position 😦

My bump is also now huge! The pile of clothes in my wardrobe that actually fits is shrinking by the week – that’s including the oversized stuff I brought a couple of weeks ago which is starting to look small…. Why?!?!? But I only have 5 1/2 weeks until I stop working – so then I can stop caring!

I’ve managed 3 squares over the weekend (go me!). However, that still have 50 squares to go…. That means I need to knit about 7 squares a week to have any hope of finishing the knitting before bubs gets here…. Thinking about this, I need to consider a new plan of action with these squares.

Essentially, I need to figure out which are the most complicated squares. Those need doing first. The simpler squares could be left to fit between bubs taking a nap or for when I go back to work. But that’s going to take a bit of time.

On the bright side, I’ve only got the toe cap to finish on the first sock and a couple of cm’s and the toe cap on the second one. So seriously almost there now. It’s an easy point of the pattern to knit while watching Criminal Minds on Now TV.

So we are so ridiculously close to both bubs getting here and finishing some of the knitting projects…. Wish me luck!

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