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Week 27 – WIPs, forms and colds

Hay all! 

So we are now 3 months off the due date – can’t believe how fast this is going!! 

The only crafting I’ve managed to get done this week is my necklace. This was a impulse start over the weekend. 

What I did do first was hunt for some inspiration through Pinterest..

So with that (as you can see above) I dug through my bead collection with complementary beads.

So this necklace is going to be 3 individual strands which can be joined together or worn seperately. Lots of blues and greens.

So far this week I’ve managed 2 of these layers…

This is the join point at the back.

The plan is for layer 3 to be between the 2 different lengths. I’ve already started putting the bits together. So hopefully not much longer.

In other news I am still not able to find my notebook. Which is sooo fraustrating!!! But I’m going to have a grab a spare one from my notebook box (i went through an obsession with buying them!!) and just cope with starting again with the book

Thankfully most of the notes in there has either been photographed in previous blogs, been exceled or I still have the hard copy of the instructions. So practically fine, but still not cool 😦 

My other excuse for not getting much done this week is the amount of stuff I’ve had to do this week (in combo with a cold that I finally ended up getting from work). So I’m not entitled to stat mat pay through work because I’ve not been perm long enough. That meant I spent an hour on the phone on Tuesday working out what the alternative was. Apprently there is one called maternity allowance I can claim directly from the government. But that does mean I need to fill in a form 😦 

So that needs doing, but it willl eat into valuble knitting time. 

Me and bubs are all good and bubs is really kicking now when its awake. Its about 1kg in weight now. Its really making it hard to walk anywhere without getting a stitch now!! Bubs loves to sit on either side and not in the middle! 

Baby brain signing off



4 thoughts on “Week 27 – WIPs, forms and colds

  1. Awesome beading, so bright and pretty and shiny! Well done.
    All the best with the maternity leave / pay issues. Filling in the form may be worth the effort in the end. 🙂
    Have a great upcoming weekend.

  2. Filling forms is the worst, especially when/if you’re not quite sure what to write down in some places (I always have issue understanding the bureaucracy language). The necklace looks lovely 🙂 are you doing the middle layer with warm colours to contrast? I’m sure it will be beautiful either way 🙂

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