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W.I.P. Week 26

So progressing onto week 26. We had a lot of progress this week. Bubs is really wiggling and kicking lots now. Cannot believe how much its grown!! 

We went to a 2nd hand baby market on Sunday. Between my mother in law and us we brought enough stuff to keep the baby amused and clothed for a long while. 

I’ll update you with some buys later. We’ve had the gas man in this week replacing the boiler this week. We realised that with a baby a reliable source of heating and hot water would be useful. But it also removes the hot water tank from the nursery and frees up a huge amount of cupboard space. 

It does mean that we can get started on the decorating now! 

After my post on Sunday (thank you for the responses!) I promptly lost my notebook. This notebook stays with me almost permantly. Its probably in our bedroom under all the stuff from the spare bedroom. But it does make me feel a bit lost. 

So I started on another quick project. I need some new belts as the leather belts are now to solid. So I thought I’d make some fabric ones. 

I went to fabric land on Sunday afternoon…. I got a vareity of materials to see what works best.

With the fabric I have left I’m going to make scarves 🙂 

But I’m hand sewing these. I can pick up this project and travel with it. The material is to slippery to be able to cope with this in a sewing machine. 

But thats the plan for this week while I turn the house upside down looking for the notebook. 

I literally feel like I’ve lost a limb

Baby brain signing off



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