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W.i.p. Socks. Help I’m stuck

I’m seriously stuck with these socks and am in desperate need of some experienced knitting help!! 

So this is me as to where I am currently… trying to figure out the dreaded heel.

This is what I need to do

So (after a bit if googling) I picked up 11. The work in rib across next 32 doesn’t make any sense to me. I dont have 32 stitches on my needle. The only place where there is 32 stitches is on the stitch holder. But there is about 50 on the holder. So that makes no sense either to my frazzled and confused brain….

This is what the sock is meant to look like:

So, do you guys think I’m meant to be working from my picked up stitches or from the ones on the stitch holder? My brain hurts 😦 

Thanks in advance!

Baby brain signing off

Mrs kirsty holl



8 thoughts on “W.i.p. Socks. Help I’m stuck

  1. I think that you should have 52 stitches on your holder, in which case you do need to rib the first 32 stitches from the stitch holder and then knit the remaining 20 (that would give you 52 stitches total). Normally that would allow you to start knitting in the round again to form the foot. I hope my explanation is not too confusing

        1. Thanks will try in next couple of days (we men in to change the heating system over the next couple of days so i dont know if i can find much knitting space)x

  2. That would have been my interpretation too. When in doubt on a pattern do exactly what is instructed even when it makes no sense. Experience has taught me that you can over think things.

  3. Hope you get it in the end. All the best. I am sorry I cant offer more help, I have never knitted a sock this way.
    You will get it, I know you will.
    Like nanacathy2 says, we over think a pattern, and normally it is much easier than we think.

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