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Week 28 – Shopping, Audible & Knitting update

So we’re on Wednesday already – which puts me half way through my week 🙂 This is a lovely short week for me and I’m very much looking forward to the 4 day weekend. I’m really hoping to get some knitting done.

Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently. I’m trying to make sure I get at least one update a week for you guys 🙂 Currently, I’m spending a lot of time with family and trying to get all the adult things like gas cost comparisons done before bubs arrives. I just need everything running smoothly until I’m not sleep deprived!

I literally haven’t done any knitting now for over a week. Which is insane and I think driving me a little bit mad! It’s not normal for me to go this long without knitting in my hands.

The last week has been ridiculously busy. Last weekend I was up at the Bournemouth International Center with work for the BFX festival. That was really exciting and I got to play with the 3D printer a bit more and meet some really interesting people. But that was the entire of my Saturday gone with no time for knitting!

On Sunday I found myself in Southampton (with my Husband as it had been his birthday on the Friday!). We did some shopping – including buying a fake sheepskin rug from IKEA for £10! We’re about to start getting the nursery sorted. So I’m really looking forward to getting started with that.

Bubs is literally getting bigger everyday at the moment. I’m pretty sure every time I look at the bump bubs has grown a little more. Our next appointment with the midwife is next week and after that it will be every 2 weeks until the due date (so about 6 appointments!). Bubs is actually rearranging as I write this 🙂

What I have just about had time to do this week is listen to some of the stuff I downloaded from Audible – it’s great for the journey to and from work.

Robert Galbraith (J.K  Rowling): Career of Evil I love the Galbraith series from Rowling. Following Cameron Strike and his assistant through their attempts to solve their cases is full of twists and turns. Both are going through their own personal issues with does colour the interpretation of the events going on around them. If you haven’t found this series, I would seriously go and take a look.

Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion This is a book I was recommended many years ago, but never had the time to sit down and read. It’s currently being listened to in the car and as an alternative to music if I’m wondering around. Personally, I’m an agnostic about religion, but I know people who are very religious and are deeply affected by their religious beliefs. Hearing from someone who is completely atheist is interesting as it helps to understand a different point of view of the world. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, I would really recommend having a look.

What I’m actually reading:

Dan Burstein: Secrets of the Code I’m a massive fan of the Dan Brown books and The Da Vinci code did set me off questioning the bible and wanting to understand how this religious text had been put together. This book is full of short essays that cover the subject the Dan Brown touched on as part of his plot – the ‘sacred feminine’ and the ‘bloodline’. It’s really interesting as it’s full of new facts and alternative interpretations and origins of the some of the more popular elements of the bible. I’ve had this on my shelf for a long time, but I’m really please to have finally found time to pick it up. My logic is that I should read it now which my brain is awake enough to process the interesting information!

Anyhow, I need to head to work now 🙂 So knitting is going to wait until dinner break later unfortunately. But I’m glad of the time to write to you guys 🙂

Baby brain signing off 🙂




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Week 27 – WIPs, forms and colds

Hay all! 

So we are now 3 months off the due date – can’t believe how fast this is going!! 

The only crafting I’ve managed to get done this week is my necklace. This was a impulse start over the weekend. 

What I did do first was hunt for some inspiration through Pinterest..

So with that (as you can see above) I dug through my bead collection with complementary beads.

So this necklace is going to be 3 individual strands which can be joined together or worn seperately. Lots of blues and greens.

So far this week I’ve managed 2 of these layers…

This is the join point at the back.

The plan is for layer 3 to be between the 2 different lengths. I’ve already started putting the bits together. So hopefully not much longer.

In other news I am still not able to find my notebook. Which is sooo fraustrating!!! But I’m going to have a grab a spare one from my notebook box (i went through an obsession with buying them!!) and just cope with starting again with the book

Thankfully most of the notes in there has either been photographed in previous blogs, been exceled or I still have the hard copy of the instructions. So practically fine, but still not cool 😦 

My other excuse for not getting much done this week is the amount of stuff I’ve had to do this week (in combo with a cold that I finally ended up getting from work). So I’m not entitled to stat mat pay through work because I’ve not been perm long enough. That meant I spent an hour on the phone on Tuesday working out what the alternative was. Apprently there is one called maternity allowance I can claim directly from the government. But that does mean I need to fill in a form 😦 

So that needs doing, but it willl eat into valuble knitting time. 

Me and bubs are all good and bubs is really kicking now when its awake. Its about 1kg in weight now. Its really making it hard to walk anywhere without getting a stitch now!! Bubs loves to sit on either side and not in the middle! 

Baby brain signing off



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W.I.P. Week 26

So progressing onto week 26. We had a lot of progress this week. Bubs is really wiggling and kicking lots now. Cannot believe how much its grown!! 

We went to a 2nd hand baby market on Sunday. Between my mother in law and us we brought enough stuff to keep the baby amused and clothed for a long while. 

I’ll update you with some buys later. We’ve had the gas man in this week replacing the boiler this week. We realised that with a baby a reliable source of heating and hot water would be useful. But it also removes the hot water tank from the nursery and frees up a huge amount of cupboard space. 

It does mean that we can get started on the decorating now! 

After my post on Sunday (thank you for the responses!) I promptly lost my notebook. This notebook stays with me almost permantly. Its probably in our bedroom under all the stuff from the spare bedroom. But it does make me feel a bit lost. 

So I started on another quick project. I need some new belts as the leather belts are now to solid. So I thought I’d make some fabric ones. 

I went to fabric land on Sunday afternoon…. I got a vareity of materials to see what works best.

With the fabric I have left I’m going to make scarves 🙂 

But I’m hand sewing these. I can pick up this project and travel with it. The material is to slippery to be able to cope with this in a sewing machine. 

But thats the plan for this week while I turn the house upside down looking for the notebook. 

I literally feel like I’ve lost a limb

Baby brain signing off



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W.i.p. Socks. Help I’m stuck

I’m seriously stuck with these socks and am in desperate need of some experienced knitting help!! 

So this is me as to where I am currently… trying to figure out the dreaded heel.

This is what I need to do

So (after a bit if googling) I picked up 11. The work in rib across next 32 doesn’t make any sense to me. I dont have 32 stitches on my needle. The only place where there is 32 stitches is on the stitch holder. But there is about 50 on the holder. So that makes no sense either to my frazzled and confused brain….

This is what the sock is meant to look like:

So, do you guys think I’m meant to be working from my picked up stitches or from the ones on the stitch holder? My brain hurts 😦 

Thanks in advance!

Baby brain signing off

Mrs kirsty holl