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Week 25 update 

Hi all! Me and bubs are all fine 🙂 

Bumb has grown again. My staple wardrobe is now tunic tops (lifesavers!!) and maternity trousers. Bubs is starting to feel really heavy, especially when I’m trying to sleep. Every time I lie down now I get lots of wiggling while bubs settles and I spend 5 minutes grinning at my stomach. I’m totally in love with my bump right now. Countdown to B day is on! 3 1/2 months to go!

My hubbys grandparent very kindly got us this cute rocking toy. However, horse or donkey? We’re thinking an odd cross between the too… (I still think donkey)

Not a lot of crafting has gone on this week unfortunately 😦 been working overtime at work and that has taken up at lot of my spare/knitting time. 

However, the socks have made some progress. The ribbing is now finished! On the final shaping of the foot now. Then for the sewing. So should be done in the next week. Exciting because I want to start on baby stuff!! 

I’ve also been dabbling a little with the raspberry Pi this week. Finally have a new adaptor for the old monitor I brought for the Pi. So want to try and get as much of the workbook done I have as possible before bubs gets here. 

Last weeked I went up to London with my aunts and cousin. We forfilled one of my bucket list visits -Buckingham palace. The afternoon was spent walking through all the grand state rooms. Did not appreciate how big the rooms would be! Couldnt take any pictures inside – but I highly recommend a visit!

Hoping for some more knitting time next week!

Baby brain signing off




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