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W.I.P squares, socks and bubs update

Hay all 🙂 So I’m now 24 weeks pregnant. Which is apprently a huge milestone as bubs is now developed enough to have a chance at survival if I did go into labour early. Obviously I would rather bubs stayed put – but it does make me relax a bit to know that 🙂 

The other really exciting bubs update is that (he/she/it???) Is now big enough to actually make my stomach move when we get a kick/punch in the right place. That happened for the first time on Sunday 🙂 My husband was there to see it as well – so that was really cool. 

Unfortunately bubs doesn’t like performing for an audience and so hubby has only felt bubs move once. But give it another week and I don’t think bubs will get away with stealthy movements!!

The baby clothes collection is slowly growing (bubs definately has more clothes than me now)! Here’s a few of the geeky items we picked up in comic con a few weeks back….

So the squares are making progress. I finished the 2 pink garter stitch squares (although I have no pic atm to share). Not very exciting, but lovely and quick to knit!! 

The next series is a group of 5 – mock rib with garter stitch.A nice mix of colours. So hopefully they will be a quick knit too!

The first (I decided to start in navy) is cast on a started. So hopefully might make some progress during work breaks this week!

The socks are also steadily gaining length. I’m trying to swap between the 2. So they are extending at a fairly similar rate.

Sock 1: about 10cm left of ribbing still to go

Sock 2: about 13cm of ribbing still to go. Time to swap over which one is at the top of the knitting bag I think!

Anyhow, I’m off for a walk as I am slowly melting sat in Starbucks and need to cool down!! 

Baby brain signing off

Mrskirsty holl 



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