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W.I.P update

So not actually managed to finish anything this week. Been spending some time catching up at home and trying to get stuff finished for work. 

But that does mean not much knitting has happened 😦

The square I’m working on this week is about half finished. It’s got these funky pearl and knit stitches combo. I’m looking forward to seeing this one finished!

The socks are about half the lengrh I need them to be. But they are slowly but surely lengthening 🙂 So it hopefully shouldn’t be much longer. 

It would be great to have these done ASAP as I want to get started on finishing the hedgehog before I get onto baby projects. Or I might frog the hedgehog. Not entirely decided on that one yet… the baby projects might win… 

To be honest the baby projects will probably win… 

The bump has continued to grow. My husband finally felt a kick as well which is really exciting. All kicks are now pretty strong and our bubs is deffinaltely on a growth spurt. How comfy the bump is deffinately dependent on where bubs is sat. The weight change is making a huge difference!

Anyhow, baby brain is signing off



4 thoughts on “W.I.P update

    1. Thanks 🙂 they are definately making faster progress then if i had completed one sock then the other. Found some of sort of patter zone with the ribs 🙂

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