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Week 25 updateย 

Hi all! Me and bubs are all fine ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Bumb has grown again. My staple wardrobe is now tunic tops (lifesavers!!) and maternity trousers. Bubs is starting to feel really heavy, especially when I’m trying to sleep. Every time I lie down now I get lots of wiggling while bubs settles and I spend 5 minutes grinning at my stomach. I’m totally in love with my bump right now. Countdown to B day is on! 3 1/2 months to go!

My hubbys grandparent very kindly got us this cute rocking toy. However, horse or donkey? We’re thinking an odd cross between the too… (I still think donkey)

Not a lot of crafting has gone on this week unfortunately ๐Ÿ˜ฆ been working overtime at work and that has taken up at lot of my spare/knitting time. 

However, the socks have made some progress. The ribbing is now finished! On the final shaping of the foot now. Then for the sewing. So should be done in the next week. Exciting because I want to start on baby stuff!! 

I’ve also been dabbling a little with the raspberry Pi this week. Finally have a new adaptor for the old monitor I brought for the Pi. So want to try and get as much of the workbook done I have as possible before bubs gets here. 

Last weeked I went up to London with my aunts and cousin. We forfilled one of my bucket list visits -Buckingham palace. The afternoon was spent walking through all the grand state rooms. Did not appreciate how big the rooms would be! Couldnt take any pictures inside – but I highly recommend a visit!

Hoping for some more knitting time next week!

Baby brain signing off



BABY · Knitting · My WIP Projects · Updates

W.I.P squares, socks and bubs update

Hay all ๐Ÿ™‚ So I’m now 24 weeks pregnant. Which is apprently a huge milestone as bubs is now developed enough to have a chance at survival if I did go into labour early. Obviously I would rather bubs stayed put – but it does make me relax a bit to know that ๐Ÿ™‚ 

The other really exciting bubs update is that (he/she/it???) Is now big enough to actually make my stomach move when we get a kick/punch in the right place. That happened for the first time on Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband was there to see it as well – so that was really cool. 

Unfortunately bubs doesn’t like performing for an audience and so hubby has only felt bubs move once. But give it another week and I don’t think bubs will get away with stealthy movements!!

The baby clothes collection is slowly growing (bubs definately has more clothes than me now)! Here’s a few of the geeky items we picked up in comic con a few weeks back….

So the squares are making progress. I finished the 2 pink garter stitch squares (although I have no pic atm to share). Not very exciting, but lovely and quick to knit!! 

The next series is a group of 5 – mock rib with garter stitch.A nice mix of colours. So hopefully they will be a quick knit too!

The first (I decided to start in navy) is cast on a started. So hopefully might make some progress during work breaks this week!

The socks are also steadily gaining length. I’m trying to swap between the 2. So they are extending at a fairly similar rate.

Sock 1: about 10cm left of ribbing still to go

Sock 2: about 13cm of ribbing still to go. Time to swap over which one is at the top of the knitting bag I think!

Anyhow, I’m off for a walk as I am slowly melting sat in Starbucks and need to cool down!! 

Baby brain signing off

Mrskirsty holl 


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Square 38 – Diagonal lines and Excel

So finally finished Square 38 a couple of days ago. It actually looks really funky and I’m still so amazing by the patterns you can make with pearl and knit stitches.


I love the pattern, but I’m not sure how long I could keep it up for in a big project though. Whenever I tried to knit this in company I tended to end up having to back track as I’d miscounted… Although that could have been something to do with working one project in 2 stitches and this one in 3. Brain kept getting very confused….

So over to Excel…

So I was trying to figure out how to work this patchwork project a bit smarter. I have over 50 squares left to knit in the project and I don’t feel like I’ve made a huge amount of progress with it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s done wonders for my confidence in knitting and I’ve learnt so much. But I feel no closer to actually finishing it….

So I started inputting all the patterns and colours into Excel. The plan being that I can do this project in batches by pattern. Theorizing (as seems to be working with the socks) sticking with a pattern seems to significantly speed up my knitting. The perk with Excel is that I can filter by pattern and use that to grab the colours I need and ensure I have the patterns I need.


I love Excel, it makes me so happy ๐Ÿ™‚ The plan is to delete each square off the list as I complete it.

I’ve picked up the garter stitch squares for the minute as those should be a couple of really quick wins. After that the plan is to get on with the chequerboard I think. I need to get this finished by the time bubs gets here!


Only 4 months to go. About 14 weeks left of work before I take some time off for Christmas that will then roll over to maternity leave. So I’ll only have about 2 weeks to finish off any last minute stuff before bubs arrives. So all hands (and needles) on deck now ๐Ÿ™‚

Baby Brain Signing off



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W.I.P update

So not actually managed to finish anything this week. Been spending some time catching up at home and trying to get stuff finished for work. 

But that does mean not much knitting has happened ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The square I’m working on this week is about half finished. It’s got these funky pearl and knit stitches combo. I’m looking forward to seeing this one finished!

The socks are about half the lengrh I need them to be. But they are slowly but surely lengthening ๐Ÿ™‚ So it hopefully shouldn’t be much longer. 

It would be great to have these done ASAP as I want to get started on finishing the hedgehog before I get onto baby projects. Or I might frog the hedgehog. Not entirely decided on that one yet… the baby projects might win… 

To be honest the baby projects will probably win… 

The bump has continued to grow. My husband finally felt a kick as well which is really exciting. All kicks are now pretty strong and our bubs is deffinaltely on a growth spurt. How comfy the bump is deffinately dependent on where bubs is sat. The weight change is making a huge difference!

Anyhow, baby brain is signing off