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W.I.P – sock update…

So the socks have been progressing. I’m loving the red stripes. 

I thought this one was doing well. However, I re-read the instructions and found the 7cm of ribbing should have been 7 + the length of the leg…

So about 30 seconds after this picture was taken I made that realisation and had to unpick down to the stitch holder…. 😦 

What I did do with this project – with the discovery of a spare pair of 4mm needles – is cast in the second sock. Now that I have got used to this new routine, this cast on was a lot less painless. But there is still about 70cm of ribbing to do 😦 

The shortest rib is the newest cast on 🙂

So the plan is to knit as much as possible to get this finished. 

So I’m set up with Person of Interest on netflix and a BBQ later (although weather is looking a bit hit and miss). Knitting is travelling in the go bag above.

Baby brain signing off



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