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Square 63 – double moss stitch

Happy bank holiday weekend all!! This is my first post of the weekend. I plan on making some serious crafting progress this weekend. What else would you do with a 3 day weekend??!!!?? 

Finished it. It’s in the wrong colour, but I’m actually pretty happy with the tension.

It’s looking nice and square 🙂

But the pattern is sooo boring! But the benefit is the simplicity of the pattern is that I could knit this quickly and while chatting to people. So it isn’t all bad….

On the other hand, the next square is a little more complex. 

The bobbles confuse me and I will be hunting down the youtube video I found for the last one. I’ll probably still be confused. But i should hopefully have bobbles when I reach that side of the confusion!

Wish me luck!

Baby brain signing off




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