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W.I.P. – Those Socks

My original thought with this project was ‘ooo, socks on a straight needle, this could be fun…’.

This pattern has literally had me pulling my hair out. The worst bit that its not even the heel or anything thats causing the issue. For some reason getting the ribbing started seemed to be something difficult. Who knew counting to 2 multiple times could be so difficult?

I have literally had to unpick the first 4 rows about 4 times.

But this is a stash knit and my first pair of socks so I would not let them beat me.

This week seems to have made some progress (13 rows!!). I admit that this was accompanied by a number of expletives.

The worst bit is I have to somehow get this started a second time. Why do socks have to come as a pair?!?!?

Baby brain signing off

Happy knitting



9 thoughts on “W.I.P. – Those Socks

  1. My hat is off to you for sticking with this – I’d think the worst part would be that a free all the knitting is done, I’d still have to put the sock together! Honestly, this is the only reason I started knitting socks in the round 🙂

      1. The circle pattern isn’t too bad. Glenna C’s Nice Ribbed Sock is written really clearly and made it really easy for me to knit my first pair of socks. I’m actually knitting another pair with it to get back into socks 🙂

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