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Pregnancy Update – 19 Weeks

With the 20 week scan on Monday (I am still super excited), the thought that I’m pretty much half way through now has really got me thinking. The main thought…

I could never have predicted how life changing getting pregnant actually is.

In hindsight (a wonderful thing with the benifits of that new-found 20:20 vision), it was something I should have predicted I think. But, all I really knew about pregnancy – apart from the occasional bought of morning sickness – was that you got pregnant and 9 months later when the baby came your life just suddenly changed.

But it doesn’t happen that late. Your life starts changing almost immediently. Mine changed around about May 16th 2016.

Within 2 weeks of getting pregnant my symptoms had started. What I thought was a hangover – I started getting suspicious when I was still being sick on day 3 and a friend pointed out that was weird – turned out to be the second line on the pregnancy stick. Thankfully, I also hadn’t drunk that much on that particular evening to warrant such a bad hangover either. The other thing that should have flagged was that the wine that weekend was tasting really funny…

So I found out I was pregnant. Thankfully, it was a not unplanned or unwelcomed pregancy, so the result came with mixed feelings of petrifying fear and overwhelming excitement.

Apart from being sick almost every morning for 2 months following that result – not pleasent – I have also been feeling absolutely exhausted. Knitting the other week was literally the first time I had knitted in months. It just took to much brain power and concentration. I tried to keep any focus I had in reserve for work.

In all honesty, I am pretty sure they could slash the number of teen pregnancys down if they just showed them how difficult the first trimester actually is. The symptoms are just half of it, the other half is the paranoia of miscarriage (about 40%+ likely in that first 12 weeks). There is certainly no symptoms of that longed for pregnancy glow for a long time after you first actually become pregnant.

What made that yuckiness easier to handle was seeing bubs for the first time at the scan. There was this tiny little creature on the screen that was pretty much just head and heartbeat. The midwife described it perfectly – it’s the first time the pregnancy becomes real and not just theoretical.

Now, 9 weeks later, I’ll be 20 weeks gone tomorrow.Most of the horrible symptoms have started to fade away. Still feeling pretty tired, but the energy is starting to come back. Emotionally, I am finding that I seem to cry about way more than I used to. Crying is usually a hormonal thing for me and my hormones are seriously out of wack on an almost permanent basis nowadays. I’m hoping that doesn’t last too long. Bubs having a little wiggle always guarantees another smile though ๐Ÿ™‚


Bubs has seriously grown in the last few weeks. I think I started to feel flutters and bubbles pretty early (about 8 weeks – although what was bubs and what was gas is anyone’s guess…). But since 18 weeks I have been absolutely sure it was bubs. Gas does not jab you from the inside! On occasion I can also be 99% sure it’s a hand or foot that has been the cause of this strange new feeling. In the last week bubs is now big enough I can feel where in my stomach it is currently sitting. There is a deffinate density difference in my stomach that likes to shift posistions.

That puts bubs and I at about half way through. 9 months seems like a hugely long time at the beginning. Now it’s just flying past week by week. Arrggghhh, how the heck am I ever going to get everything sorted in time?

While in Tescos yesterday I treated myself to a new book from another blogger (the unmummsy mum). I’d not found her blog before, but a quick flick through the prelude of the book told me her style was something I’d enjoy. I’m also hoping this breif and accessible glimpse into parenting might be what I need right now ๐Ÿ™‚


Anyhow, I’ve somehow ended up with a completely free day. So I’m planning on spending this rare free saturday just relaxing (I counted that there is only about 20 pre-baby Saturday’s left – give or take some for strange baby timing).

Things I have planned for this strange free Saturday:

  • Finish writing this blog
  • Start reading the book ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Put up the washing that is sat in the machine (inside as the weather outside is awful today, but that saves me having to water my tomatoes that are stubbingly rufusing to ripen)
  • Knitting – need to finish which ever numbered square I’m on now.
  • Cast on the next square (picking the next pattern is part of the fun)
  • Do the washing up
  • Blog about finishing the square with the result of the next pattern I have actually picked
  • Make soup – brought bits for a roast yesterday and I thought I’d pre-empt the leftover carrots, parsnips and potatoes with a soup. I got myself a couple of those plastic soup mugs with clip on lids from Tesco’s yesterday. The plan is to freeze the spare portions so I have a nice mix of dinner options available for work ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Finish off some artwork for the nursery
  • More washing up (I really hate that chore… )
  • Blog about the artwork ๐Ÿ™‚
  • More knitting – that other project I was trying to figure out last weekend.
  • Blogging about the WIP.
  • Then, if there is still time I plan on gettingย one of my 2 patchwork WIPs out to see if any progress there.

So lots of crafting and blogging for today ๐Ÿ™‚ It sounds like heaven.

So I’ll be back with another blog later. I’ll schedule the other ones for later in the week.

Baby brain signing off





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