Mobile Monday Review: CSI – Hidden Crimes

This is a post I originally wrote on my other blog for our YouTube channel. I’ve started a weekly review of mobile games and this is my first post – inspired by my Forensic Science Degree. Any feedback would be highly appreciated 🙂
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Hi guys, this is our first Mobile Monday post that went up on our youtube channel on Monday.

Watch the video on Youtube.

Hello and welcome to Mobile Mondays with Other Half Gaming. I’ve updated my phone to a Samsung Galaxy 7 – which comes with a handy feature of being able to record the games. With Dan monopolising the Xbox, I thought this would be a perfect chance to test out some the range of mobile games available…

What some of you may not know is  that I studied Forensic Science in University (UK). So I thought I would use some of this expensively gained knowledge to see how acurate this American based CSI game actually is – and if it’s worth a play.

This intial title screen doesn’t fill me with much excitment. Where are those sterotypical white suits? I’m not feeling that they are paying much attention…

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