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Inspiration Strikes

Unfortunately not any knitting inspiration. But definately some writting inspiration – a hobby that I equally enjoy and am equally bad at finishing quickly (I have a novel I wrote 4 years agos still in the process of editing…. and the other one I started on here that I also need to finish).

So these short writing prompts are a really good way to get the juices flowing – something really required right now as I would like to get the novel published on Amazon before bub makes an appearence in January.

So I found this one on WordPress Daily Post site. The concept is to paint a portrait of someone I know using words.So a highly descriptive and visual writing challenge.

I’ve chosen to write about my husband. With bub on the way it’s brought out new sides to both of our personalities.

We first met when I was 16, but didn’t get together until about 8 months later. Even when I went away for 2 weeks to Spain he kept in contact the entire time by email. That was something I’d never experienced before.

He’s the one that makes me feel like being a bit uncoventional was always perfectly fine. I’ve always felt that I could tell him anything about me and he wouldn’t judge. It’s a relationship that works because we don’t judge each other.

We motivate each other to become better people. When he asked me to marry him 10 days after I turned 18 (which feels like a lifetime ago now) I knew that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t say yes. 4 years down the line, I find it hard to believe I could have been happier with anyone else. Although we both have flaws we both want to be better people for each other and use that as motivation to improve.

A year ago we brought our first house and have spent that time (along with a lot of help from family) turning it into a home. The kitchen’s been done up this last month and my husband has let me avoid helping to much (due to the heavy lifting, lack of DIY skills and ability to trip over air) with no serious complaining – although a couple of joke ones did sneak their way in.

With the baby on the way, there has been a new focus to both of us to get things done, get things finished. My craft room got ‘sorted’ by my husband the month after the positive test (I nearlly cried as I suddenly couldn’t find anything and the camping table I’d been using as a desk had been moved into the garage). This sudden need to get everything done mentallity, although contraditicting my aims of finishing craft projects, does also mirror my own. Both of us have a sudden desire to get over that last hurdle of adulthood and get the last bits of our adult lives organised.

Because, currently, there is not a lot else either of us can actually do. It’s just waiting and watching my belly getting bigger. He’s my rock though and I know I couldn’t do this on our own. Both of us worry, both of us are nervous but I know that both of us will make it. We have each other, and that has always been more than enough.


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