W.I.P – Square 33 Knitted patchwork

Well I finally finished square 33. In a positive note, it was a really easy knit…. on the other hand I’m still not convinced on the pattern…

It’s going to need a bit of blocking (the needles are the only things holding the square flat enough to photo!). It’s not the colour combo I dislike. I think it might be the stocking stitch against the garter. The garter in the center just makes way to much of a contrast for me.

The next square (number 74) was literally the magazine sat next to me. I am keeping the currently still packaged ones by my seat at home so that I am never to far away from a square. 

I need to get this finished by the time the baby gets here!!! But there is a lot still to do. So I will be pleased just with a major catch up! Although now I can start to feel the baby moving (now at 18 weeks) I do keep getting distracted!

Baby brain signing off




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