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Baby Brain – 17 Weeks

Hi all 🙂

So the weather has changed here drastically. The beautiful summer sunshine has evaporated into horrible rain. Which is great for my garden – but less great for my mood.

I didn’t manage to get a lot of knitting or blogging done over the weekend as I was baby sitting a 3D printer from work. That was fun and I learnt a lot about how to trouble shot it 🙂 Which will be really useful in the future 0 and it was fun trying to work out the issues myself (with the aid of lots of forums)!

I’ve got a baby bump now which is now obviously not fat which is really nice. The major problem I’m currently finding is clothes. I’m now at the point that a lot of my more fitted T-shirts don’t cover my belly and I’ve had to supplement with men’s T-Shirts. They, at least, have some funky patterns. The maternity stuff is just so far off my usual style that I’m struggling to find anything in the usual high-street shops.

So I thought I’d share some of the baby clothes we’ve already started collecting – not including the ever growing collections from very excited grandmothers-to-be. I’m pretty sure the baby (who isn’t even able to hear yet) has more clothes than I do…  Obviously as we don’t want to find out the gender (our 20 week scan isn’t until the 22nd August), all clothing has to be pretty unisex.

One of the first baby things that turned up was a freebie from Cow & Gate. This little cow is absolutely adorable.


This little set of baby booties was the first thing we brought for the baby. We’d had out first scan a few days before and I was finally beginning to allow myself to believe that everything might actually be ok.


I picked these 2 baby grows up from a sale in Mothercare – my husband is a bit of a Starwars fan. I got one in up to 2 months and the other 3-6 months. They come with a really cute matching hat as well. My personal favorite is the R2D2 – it is going to look absolutely adorable on!



The other week my husband’s grandparents came over and his gran brought over this beautiful baby blanket. Her friend had very kindly knitted it for the baby during Wimbledon – it’s a beautiful knit and I love the choice of the checkerboard stitch.


This Thomas the Tank engine set was something my husband and I both fell in love with in Tescos. We went for the 6 – 9 month size – thinking the denim will be good for protecting sensitive knees during crawling. I was also a massive Thomas fan when I was a kid 🙂


This Cath Kidson nappy bag was a serious win for me. Their nappy bags are wipe clean and this one came with a changing mat and a bottle bag. In picked it up in a discount store in Plymouth for £25 (down from about £60!). The perk of steering away from the the more traditional Cath flowers is that my husband and grandfathers-to-be will actually want to carry it!


The collection of baby clothes and baby items is growing nearly every day. There are drawers upstairs now dedicated to storing baby things. About 5 months to go (if the baby stays full term). Although apparently 37 weeks (18th December) onwards is full term – so we could be looking at a Christmas baby. Which would be a lovely Christmas addition to the family. So we have about another 4 months to prep really. I plan to have my go bag ready from the beginning of December.

It’s hard to believe that we only moved into our house this time last year. Now we have a baby on the way. It’s all really exciting for everyone in the family and a lot of our friends as well. This year is flying by though – so there won’t be long to wait!

Baby brain signing off.





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