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Great British Bake Off

So my friend and I attempted to bake a cake this morning…. 

I was a Mary Berry recipie from Good Food. Apprently “super easy”… 

Apparently not for me…. 

That did not work to well… I think I need to start back with the basics again. I have a feeling I am slightly out of practice….

Any baking disasters to share with the group? 

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W.I.P – Patchwork quilt / curtain

So this project started off life as a planned set of curtains for a cupboard. Change of plan for the cupboard so we no longer need them. Thankfully I was in the perfect place to pause and alter the pattern when this decision was made.

This is the new plan.

I made use of the bank holiday Monday and set up the dining room table as my work space. Thank God for extension leads!!

All prepped and ready for some serious sewing. The sun was streaming in through the window and it was warm enough to have the back door open. So that makes a change for a bank holiday Monday!

The first task was to find a bit of fabric for the central panel. I was going to leave this until last as I wasn’t sure if anything in my stash was going to suit it. 

Fortunately my amazing aunty-in-law came to the rescue with new additions to the stash about a month ago so I ended up with 2 seperate options.

Option 1:

Option 2:

After a quick check with my husband (I really couldn’t make my mind up!), we went with option 2.

My wrist adapted pincushion was seriously useful with this one. Way too much fabric to attempt to have to reach for a pin cushion!

After finally getting the fabric cut to the right size I eventually get it sewn in.

Managed to get the new piece all sewn in and managed to get a few new square sewn in too. So some definate progress today. Going to leave the machine downstairs and hope to make some more progress this week. 

Then next month I can buy the stuffing and the backing for the quilt. Nothing can stop me now!

We spent the remainder of the evening in the backgarden with our new firepit. This fire habit could start to get expensive, but we’re starting to get the hang of it! Unfortunately, I had to make the call that knitting and sitting by a firepit would not mix 😦 so no extra knitting time for me 😦

So cheers to you all! Hope you all had a marvelous weekend 🙂 (that is a very non-alcoholic shloer in the glass with bubbles to make myself feel a little better for having no wine).

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W.I.P – sock update…

So the socks have been progressing. I’m loving the red stripes. 

I thought this one was doing well. However, I re-read the instructions and found the 7cm of ribbing should have been 7 + the length of the leg…

So about 30 seconds after this picture was taken I made that realisation and had to unpick down to the stitch holder…. 😦 

What I did do with this project – with the discovery of a spare pair of 4mm needles – is cast in the second sock. Now that I have got used to this new routine, this cast on was a lot less painless. But there is still about 70cm of ribbing to do 😦 

The shortest rib is the newest cast on 🙂

So the plan is to knit as much as possible to get this finished. 

So I’m set up with Person of Interest on netflix and a BBQ later (although weather is looking a bit hit and miss). Knitting is travelling in the go bag above.

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Square 63 – double moss stitch

Happy bank holiday weekend all!! This is my first post of the weekend. I plan on making some serious crafting progress this weekend. What else would you do with a 3 day weekend??!!!?? 

Finished it. It’s in the wrong colour, but I’m actually pretty happy with the tension.

It’s looking nice and square 🙂

But the pattern is sooo boring! But the benefit is the simplicity of the pattern is that I could knit this quickly and while chatting to people. So it isn’t all bad….

On the other hand, the next square is a little more complex. 

The bobbles confuse me and I will be hunting down the youtube video I found for the last one. I’ll probably still be confused. But i should hopefully have bobbles when I reach that side of the confusion!

Wish me luck!

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Square 75 – Stocking stitch striped

As always, the stocking stitch gives a beautiful finish. With these contrasting colours it really does finish off the square.

My yarn OCD kicked in after I finished this and I had to reball the remainder of the pink before I could get anything else done…

That’s better 🙂

A bit of double moss stitch practice. Although I still dislike the navy. In most lights it is so difficult to even properly see the pattern you’re knitting with it…

So my next square is square 29…. umm wait a minute…. I think I might have knitted this before….

Lesson to learn… check the checklist before picking out a pattern to knit!!

With that Epiphany, I started hunting through the remaining mags for another double moss stitch square – seems a shame to waste the knitting. I found one! It’s in a different colour, so I’ll have to swap the next navy square I knit for a pink one… but I’m not that bothered about using the double moss in a dark colour as I’m not that bothered by the pattern anyway!

So, thankfully, disaster averted. I’m now knitting square 63! So that was a bit of an exciting morning… 🙂

On the bright side though it is still a step closer to finishing – here’s the rest of my checklist. There are 90 issues in this series 🙂 So I’m almost got all of them. I only have a couple a months worth of issues to go. Nearly there!!

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Pregnancy update 20 weeks: Scan and Nursery Artwork

I know what you’re all thinking “but it’s only been a few days since her 19 weeks post!” I know that…. but we had our 20 week scan yesterday and I was too excited to wait longer to share the pictures 🙂

So here’s a bit of a reminder of “The story so far”

11 weeks:

11 weeks

13 weeks:

13 weeks


20 weeks: 


Before you all ask – we don’t know the gender. We didn’t want to know. We want it to be a surprise. What we do know it that our little one is a mover. Bubs didn’t stay still the entire scan – which was so exciting to see. It wasn’t too impressed with being poked around on the scan – based on the hand waving we could see!

What we also got to see was bub’s heart. It was amazing as you could see each of the four chambers. We also go to see the baby’s spine, ribs, kidneys and brain. Apparently everything looks healthy and as it should at this stage. So that was really good news!


This is a slightly closer look at the side of bub’s face. You can see it’s playing with the cord I think.


This is a picture of it’s adorably cute little hand. We can see all the bones in the arm as well – I was so shocked about the detail we could see. Apparently bubs spreading out the fingers is a good sign.


According to the technician, this is a sole of one of bubs’s feet. Again, you can see all of the little toes!! They are just ridiculously adorable.

I spent the rest of the day being kicked and poked in the stomach 🙂 I don’t think bubs appreciated the change in routine!

Nursery Decorations

We’ve stated putting together the decorations for the nursery. We’ve both got a range of things we like – so the first addition was some Marvel injection into the bedroom. I brought the box frames about a year ago with the intention of doing something with them. This seemed like the perfect opportunity 🙂


We printed off the comic covers onto photo paper (I did this in Tesco as I figured the printing quality would be better!).


The characters I attached to the mount using a glue gun (that tool is actually amazing!). The mount was cardboard and so it stuck easily.


I had initially planned to have them holding the guns etc. However, the box frames were not big enough, so they had to go above/below the rather awesome lego figures. I have some more lego figures left for other super heros, so now I just have to work out what to do with them…..

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W.I.P. – Those Socks

My original thought with this project was ‘ooo, socks on a straight needle, this could be fun…’.

This pattern has literally had me pulling my hair out. The worst bit that its not even the heel or anything thats causing the issue. For some reason getting the ribbing started seemed to be something difficult. Who knew counting to 2 multiple times could be so difficult?

I have literally had to unpick the first 4 rows about 4 times.

But this is a stash knit and my first pair of socks so I would not let them beat me.

This week seems to have made some progress (13 rows!!). I admit that this was accompanied by a number of expletives.

The worst bit is I have to somehow get this started a second time. Why do socks have to come as a pair?!?!?

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Happy knitting