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Home Research – Knitting & Sewing Baby Patterns

So, according the the due date of early Jan, I have just under 6 months to go until the big event. This means I really should start planning as I am not known as a quick project finisher…

The plan is to find and plan out baby projects with enough time to get them finished before the baby turns 18!

This was helped by a hunt though a local discount book store where I came home with 3 books for under £10 (win!!).

So the criteria I need to work with:

  • It has to be Unisex as we don’t want to find out what the gender is before the big B-Day. Which does restrict the choice of patterns somewhat
  • Newborn or slightly larger size. My husband and I were huge babies and so I’m going to have to not think tiny.

Natural Knits for Babys and Toddlers  by Tina Barrett

This book is full of patterns with natural fabrics. There are some adorable patterns in this book.

This gorgeous sleep sack just makes me feel giddy. It’s completely adorable and I love the stitching on this. It’s looking like a head phone and focus project. But I think the final outcome would be completely worth it.

Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren

This book is full of patterns from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. There are some adorable patterns in here.

This cardigan is so cute. Depending on the colour, this is ideal for either gender. If I can get the sleeves to match then this would be perfect for a winter baby. It also involves pairing with some super cute buttons.

Although…. I think this one might be even cuter. The hood is adorable and I loved the diamond pattern when I knitted the diamond squares.

Square 9
Square 9 – Diamond Stitch Square.Pretty easy to knit, but you have to concentrate and not lost count on the stitches!

 Baby and Toddler Knits Made Easy by DK

This dino jumper is very cute and ideal for winter. My debate is do I go small for 3-6 month for the evening or do I go even larger 9-12 month for the following winter?

This diamond blanket also forfils my love of Diamonds. It looks beautiful in the picture. Being a winter baby, it will also be very useful. We’ve already been given a beautiful knitted blanket from a family friend – but multiple blankets are always useful when you had a small person that expels that much from both ends.

So, this is meant to be a knitted pattern. But my thought is that this might lead to the knitted fabric stretching – so why not recreate in applique and fabric? It would also come together a bit quicker and I have a fabric land about 15 minute drive from my house….

Sew! from Cath Kidston

This was a gift from a friend a few years ago. There are some seriously cute patterns in here. But today we’re sticking to baby stuff 🙂

Firstly, this mobile is very cute. However, I’ve found a few ideas for Harry Potter inspired flying keys mobiles… so I’m seriously torn at the moment with ideas…

This patchwork cot blanket is beautiful. But before I start this I plan on finishing some of my other patchwork projects… I’m still learning patchwork and I want this one to be perfect when it’s done.

Next Steps….

Well, the plan is to try and focus on getting some of my other big projects done before I get started on these. I’ve been warned that craft time will be rather limited when the bub gets here! So I’m hoping to use the slightly less exhaustion in the second trimester to focus on getting them finished!

  • Camo inspired blanket (about 2 1/3rd done now)
  • Patchwork quilt (sewn)
  • Patchwork curtains (which might become another quilt as we can’t decide yet if the boiler is being changed pre or post baby)
  • Patchwork quilt (knitted)

What’s going to make this more difficult is my very excited husband has already started deconstructing my craft room. The camping table I was using has been banished to the garage and items have been re-sorted to make room for baby stuff.

So time to take over the coffee table in the lounge….

Baby brain signing off




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