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Ironing beads

So I was clearing out some stuff from a box in my parent’s loft (they decided to have a clear out!) and found a Flora tub full of a slight strange mix of Perla plastic beads. Along with a few plastic peg boards.

I’ve been at home most of the day chilling out, and spotted the box under my coffee table. The bead mix I have at my disposal is: glue in the dark, blue, yellow and red. Along with that I have a hexagon peg board, circle peg board and a star one. So not a huge range and rather creatively limiting.

A few minutes later I started hunting for inspiration on Pinterest…. There is a huge amount of Harry Potter related designs which I would love to try (none of which I have the equipment for yet… I admit to nothing).

So I went on a quick hunt for some inspiration on Pinterest and made myself some funky shapes.

perla beads

I did a lot of these when I was a kid. But it is so much more fun when I was armed with Pinterest. Search Perla bead designs on Pinterest… it’s dangerous, but the hobby is also very relaxing. Luckily, I’d brought myself a travel Iron and mini the other week for my patchwork quilting (need to get those squares to lie flat!) and so it was very useful today!

I admit that I don’t actually own a normal iron. When I attempt to iron actual clothes I usually end up adding more creases then I start with at the beginning. My husband does the ironing in our house.

So this was pretty relaxing. Definitely plan on doing some more of this in the future!

Baby brain signing off

Mrs Kirsty Holl





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