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Bye-Bye Clothes and EBAY deals

So within about 3 weeks of finding out I was pregnant I quickly stopping fitting into most of my jeans and a brand new pair of shorts… In my defense I brought them because we had a mini heatwave and I had nothing for summer. Now, with my ‘baby-ready’ body, I now no longer have much for summer. It turns out that, very quickly, there is enough baby on your bladder that wearing anything that is actually meant to fit you is almost impossible.

So initially I started hunting for maternity jeans from normal places like Tescos, Next etc. Turns out that maternity jeans are stupidly expensive – about £20 more than I usually spend on jeans. I know I’m larger, but I didn’t think the extra fabric would be that expensive! Anyway, wanting to save money for baby clothes (which are absolutely adorable!) I headed over to EBAY.

It turns out that, because you only need the jeans for a few months the jeans are almost new when they get to you. I spent about £25 in total and came away with a wonderful host of trousers that actually fit (although a few are still slightly large!).


The bundle included a pair of linen trousers, a pair of black work trousers, a top and a dress. I was very pleased with myself when that package turned up! It was also nice to have a smart pair of trousers for work that didn’t force me to run for the loo every 5 minutes…

In terms of tops, I initially wore baggy tops for the first few weeks. But once we’d started telling people about the bump I could wear my clothes that actually fit (at least my top half). Bump and proud 🙂

I’m officially 14 weeks today, which puts me officially in the second Trimester. I actually enjoyed a meal out last night for the first time in months (I ate most of it and it stayed where it was meant too!). So felt rather pleased with myself last night.

Less pleased with myself this morning, I’m struggling to get comfortable on anything today!

Signing off with baby brain






2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Clothes and EBAY deals

  1. Congratulations!!! This is such exciting news, I bet your head is full of stuff you’ll be able to make for your baby, there are so many adorable things on Pinterest! 🙂 congrats again!

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