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Stalks in Black and White

So it turns out my lack of energy to write/knit over the past 3 months has been quite possibly mainly hormonal. Or something just triggered a habit change.

The big news is that Mrs Kirsty Holloway is having a mini-Holloway – of the baby variety. Our current due date is early January, the exact date flickers on nearly every appointment. I’m currently 13 weeks and 6 days along and my husband and I are really excited.

So the current plans are to investigate baby related patterns and start knitting. Bub has started giving me a pregnancy related bump and I now look the pregnant side of fat. Which is actually surprisingly fun and increases my excitement a lot.

We first met bubs a couple of weeks ago when we went for our first scan. We were both surprised how human it looks and amazed watching the heart beating.

11 weeks


Just 2 weeks later bub has grown again. This week bub didn’t want to stay still and measuring took a bit longer then they should. The shape of bub’s head has also changed and the whole body has grown again. I couldn’t believe how quickly the bub is growing.

13 weeks

With the end of the first trimester comes the return of my energy and the ability to hold down my breakfast. I appreciate the ability to keep breakfast in my stomach so much more then I used to. Naps also became a more regular occurrence – so I also gained a new appreciation for sofas.

At nearly 14 weeks, I now feel more human again and the little human is growing bigger so I’m presuming that makes me more human than normal?

So this is a pre-apology for the baby related content that will be appearing…

Anyway, I’m off to do some overtime at work to go pay for yarn/other craft materials this pregnancy is going to inspire. 🙂

Baby brain signing off







6 thoughts on “Stalks in Black and White

  1. I’d wondered where you’d got to! Congratulations!

    By the way, the “can’t believe how fast it’s growing” bit? Never stops. We say that nearly every day about our 3.5 yo.

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