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W.I.P – Knitted Patchwork – Square 29

This one was a pretty easy knit – although I do agree that the colour is a bit underwhelming. But I do like this stitch and would like to see the affect with wool size on this one.

As you can see my bumb and I are making use of the knitted blanket I finished off the other night!

After snipping off the wool, I then went hunting through my ‘to do’ squares and found this one….

Honestly, apart from being a quick knit, there isn’t much going for it…..

Sorry  for the short post, bump and I are off the bed!

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WIP – Knitted Patchwork – Square 73

Like I said in my last post, I’ve jumped a bit out of order for this one. This was partly because it was in this month’s subscription delivery and partly because I just really like the pattern.


See what I mean? The colour is also rather striking. I definitely need to dig out some patterns with this design as some point…

I seriously need more knitting time!

Anyway, as promised, here is the finished square…


I’m really pleased with the finished square for this one. The colour is good and I managed to count accurately to insure that the small mess-ups could actually be fixed. So that is pretty awesome for my confidence 🙂

Having not picked up this project for a while…. yep, it happens… I had to do a bit of stock take to work out which ones I’d actually knitted. Turns out I’ve knitted 1-28 and now number 73. So I am actually a little further than I remembered. Which is a little bit awesome as the catch up is not as huge as I thought it might be…

Anyhow, I am off to start knitting square 29…. My husband is currently making the dough for pizza for tomorrow night, so I’m going to keep him company in the kitchen.


This room is still in a state of choas (now minus wall tiles). But the floor tiles are almost done and The new wall tiles are being ordered on Monday. We’re going for a black and white checker board effect for the walls and a wood effect for the floor.

I am actually going now. Hope you all enjoyed the post and please let me know what you’re working on in the comments below…

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A Catalogue of W.I.Ps – Baby, Gaming and Knitting

So here we are at the end of another busy week. It has been a really exciting week though. There has been some really interesting stuff going on at work – I ended up at the Ageas bowl on Tuesday morning, which was really stunning (even though I have no idea about Cricket). Home is exciting – the kitchen is being redecorated – and a complete state of chaos as a result. But it will be worth it and I promise to share pictures when it is finished.

Baby is nearly the end of week 16. Solidly into the second trimester now. My bump is getting bigger (to the point of having to shop for maternity dresses as normal dresses are getting a bit tight). It’s getting heavy in the morning now – but I look properly pregnant and not just fat (which is lovely!).

The less pleasant symptoms (search as the morning sickness) are starting to subside and this pregnancy thing is starting to become a little more enjoyable. Although the thought of holding my baby in my arms makes it all worth it.

About 24 weeks to go. Seems like there is a massive amount still to do. It also means I have 24 weeks to finish all outstanding long term projects and complete the planned baby projects…

Arrggghhh!!! That will literally have to be the fastest I have ever worked on a project…. Wish me luck! I will, of course, keep you updated.

On a more exciting note, we’ve started buying baby clothes already 🙂 I’ll share them on another post as they are super cute.

Gaming is starting to pop up again.

I say pop up…. but my husband and I are starting to launch our own Youtube channel (Other Half Gaming). Both of us enjoy creating content – me in writing and my husband with video. He’s been creating content and uploading it onto the channel for the last few months. Now we want to try and grow it. It should be a bit of fun for both of us and we’re looking forward to growing a joint project.


So this is hopefully going to be the start of something exciting. I’m hoping it will give me a good challenge of writing something different – we want to launch a blog and do some guest posting where we can. I’m going to sneak in bits about tech in there too. Tech is something that is getting me interested right now.

So watch this space is all I can really say about that for the moment. I have a pin board and a wall planner – this is getting serious 🙂

For the first time in months, I ‘m back on knitting that is vaguely technical again – aka the squares. This time though I’m being rebellious and not going in order. I’ve jumped from square 20 something to square 70 something – just because I can. My thinking is hopefully this will get my motivation back for the project and I can get it finished ASAP. The project is about 90ish squares, so I have about another 20 magazines to arrive (full of new patterns!) before I can truly actually finish.

But at least I can try and catch up. I’m hoping the blanket will be great for the nursery, although not for the baby to use as I don’t think it will take washing particularly well…. But hopefully I can use it 🙂

Square 73 should be finished today. So that will be another update for the weekend.

My next major problem is how to organise myself so that I can get all of this done. Time wise, I have from about 9am in the morning until about 12:30 in the afternoon. Then I work from about 3 until late into the evening. So I need to find the balance between seeing family, me time (which I count as blogging for on here and crafting as those things keep me sane), Other half gaming and still be rested enough for work. I’m hoping the wall planner can start getting that sorted. I personally think that I need to start booking myself in for my own time to ensure stuff actually gets done.

Anyway, wish my luck and I will keep you updated with my progress!

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F.O. – Camo Knitted Blanket

Todays big news – I actually finished something!!!! 

Well the plan was to knit this so that horizontally it was big enough for a double bed. 

Turns out its now big enough with vertical stripes to be a me sized blanket while I’m feeling tired and pregnant 🙂 I’m lying on the sofa while I’m writing this with the very snuggly blanket over me. 

I love the mix of colours and textures. It has been really fun trying out the different types of yarn and it has made the blanket really visually interesting. 

This project has been off and on for about a year and a half. So it feels really satifying to finally have finished this project. 

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Home Research – Knitting & Sewing Baby Patterns

So, according the the due date of early Jan, I have just under 6 months to go until the big event. This means I really should start planning as I am not known as a quick project finisher…

The plan is to find and plan out baby projects with enough time to get them finished before the baby turns 18!

This was helped by a hunt though a local discount book store where I came home with 3 books for under £10 (win!!).

So the criteria I need to work with:

  • It has to be Unisex as we don’t want to find out what the gender is before the big B-Day. Which does restrict the choice of patterns somewhat
  • Newborn or slightly larger size. My husband and I were huge babies and so I’m going to have to not think tiny.

Natural Knits for Babys and Toddlers  by Tina Barrett

This book is full of patterns with natural fabrics. There are some adorable patterns in this book.

This gorgeous sleep sack just makes me feel giddy. It’s completely adorable and I love the stitching on this. It’s looking like a head phone and focus project. But I think the final outcome would be completely worth it.

Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren

This book is full of patterns from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. There are some adorable patterns in here.

This cardigan is so cute. Depending on the colour, this is ideal for either gender. If I can get the sleeves to match then this would be perfect for a winter baby. It also involves pairing with some super cute buttons.

Although…. I think this one might be even cuter. The hood is adorable and I loved the diamond pattern when I knitted the diamond squares.

Square 9
Square 9 – Diamond Stitch Square.Pretty easy to knit, but you have to concentrate and not lost count on the stitches!

 Baby and Toddler Knits Made Easy by DK

This dino jumper is very cute and ideal for winter. My debate is do I go small for 3-6 month for the evening or do I go even larger 9-12 month for the following winter?

This diamond blanket also forfils my love of Diamonds. It looks beautiful in the picture. Being a winter baby, it will also be very useful. We’ve already been given a beautiful knitted blanket from a family friend – but multiple blankets are always useful when you had a small person that expels that much from both ends.

So, this is meant to be a knitted pattern. But my thought is that this might lead to the knitted fabric stretching – so why not recreate in applique and fabric? It would also come together a bit quicker and I have a fabric land about 15 minute drive from my house….

Sew! from Cath Kidston

This was a gift from a friend a few years ago. There are some seriously cute patterns in here. But today we’re sticking to baby stuff 🙂

Firstly, this mobile is very cute. However, I’ve found a few ideas for Harry Potter inspired flying keys mobiles… so I’m seriously torn at the moment with ideas…

This patchwork cot blanket is beautiful. But before I start this I plan on finishing some of my other patchwork projects… I’m still learning patchwork and I want this one to be perfect when it’s done.

Next Steps….

Well, the plan is to try and focus on getting some of my other big projects done before I get started on these. I’ve been warned that craft time will be rather limited when the bub gets here! So I’m hoping to use the slightly less exhaustion in the second trimester to focus on getting them finished!

  • Camo inspired blanket (about 2 1/3rd done now)
  • Patchwork quilt (sewn)
  • Patchwork curtains (which might become another quilt as we can’t decide yet if the boiler is being changed pre or post baby)
  • Patchwork quilt (knitted)

What’s going to make this more difficult is my very excited husband has already started deconstructing my craft room. The camping table I was using has been banished to the garage and items have been re-sorted to make room for baby stuff.

So time to take over the coffee table in the lounge….

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Ironing beads

So I was clearing out some stuff from a box in my parent’s loft (they decided to have a clear out!) and found a Flora tub full of a slight strange mix of Perla plastic beads. Along with a few plastic peg boards.

I’ve been at home most of the day chilling out, and spotted the box under my coffee table. The bead mix I have at my disposal is: glue in the dark, blue, yellow and red. Along with that I have a hexagon peg board, circle peg board and a star one. So not a huge range and rather creatively limiting.

A few minutes later I started hunting for inspiration on Pinterest…. There is a huge amount of Harry Potter related designs which I would love to try (none of which I have the equipment for yet… I admit to nothing).

So I went on a quick hunt for some inspiration on Pinterest and made myself some funky shapes.

perla beads

I did a lot of these when I was a kid. But it is so much more fun when I was armed with Pinterest. Search Perla bead designs on Pinterest… it’s dangerous, but the hobby is also very relaxing. Luckily, I’d brought myself a travel Iron and mini the other week for my patchwork quilting (need to get those squares to lie flat!) and so it was very useful today!

I admit that I don’t actually own a normal iron. When I attempt to iron actual clothes I usually end up adding more creases then I start with at the beginning. My husband does the ironing in our house.

So this was pretty relaxing. Definitely plan on doing some more of this in the future!

Baby brain signing off

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Bye-Bye Clothes and EBAY deals

So within about 3 weeks of finding out I was pregnant I quickly stopping fitting into most of my jeans and a brand new pair of shorts… In my defense I brought them because we had a mini heatwave and I had nothing for summer. Now, with my ‘baby-ready’ body, I now no longer have much for summer. It turns out that, very quickly, there is enough baby on your bladder that wearing anything that is actually meant to fit you is almost impossible.

So initially I started hunting for maternity jeans from normal places like Tescos, Next etc. Turns out that maternity jeans are stupidly expensive – about £20 more than I usually spend on jeans. I know I’m larger, but I didn’t think the extra fabric would be that expensive! Anyway, wanting to save money for baby clothes (which are absolutely adorable!) I headed over to EBAY.

It turns out that, because you only need the jeans for a few months the jeans are almost new when they get to you. I spent about £25 in total and came away with a wonderful host of trousers that actually fit (although a few are still slightly large!).


The bundle included a pair of linen trousers, a pair of black work trousers, a top and a dress. I was very pleased with myself when that package turned up! It was also nice to have a smart pair of trousers for work that didn’t force me to run for the loo every 5 minutes…

In terms of tops, I initially wore baggy tops for the first few weeks. But once we’d started telling people about the bump I could wear my clothes that actually fit (at least my top half). Bump and proud 🙂

I’m officially 14 weeks today, which puts me officially in the second Trimester. I actually enjoyed a meal out last night for the first time in months (I ate most of it and it stayed where it was meant too!). So felt rather pleased with myself last night.

Less pleased with myself this morning, I’m struggling to get comfortable on anything today!

Signing off with baby brain