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Book Review: Dick Francis – Comeback

This author was a new discovery for me. It was yet another charity shop find (I very rairly ever pay full price for a book). Anyway, with the sun making an appearance, I’ve been able to enjoy reading with a cup of tea in the sun!


The main character was someone who instantly got my attention. He’s a son of a diplomat who’s followed in his footsteps. Like my other current favourite accidental hero (Jack Reacher), Peter stumbles into this scenario quite by accident. The events quickly escalate from being involved in a standard mugging to a conspiracy veterinary horse-racing ring. To add a little bit more excitement to the mix, there is a brilliant twist when the villain’s identity is revealed.

I really enjoyed Dick Francis’ writing style. It didn’t feel like to much work to read and overall it was a great experience. The plot was engrossing and I loved how, both characters and myself, knew nothing about the answers until the last few chapters.


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