BBC Micro:bit – Row counter

So, I really like learning how to code…. and I really like knitting… So I thought I’d mush the 2 together

The original plan was to make it tell me just the row that I was knitting. I quickly realised that the screen was a little small for this…





In addition, I would also have to input all the lines manually… so I gave up and went with figuring out how to produce a counter with a reset button instead. Essentially, I’ve made it so pressing A counts up and pressing B resets it back to 0. So that’s pretty cool I think and I’m rather pleased with myself.

Row Counter


This isn’t the cheapest way to get a row counter (you can buy them for about £3 on Ebay) and it does reset every time you turn it off … but at least it has multiple  uses if you can come up with some different program ideas 🙂 Currently, I still need to get myself a battery back… so I need this connected to a computer in order to give it any charge…

I’m going to have a go at knitting these warm looking socks. They are on straight needles… so hopefully a gentle introduction 🙂


Another awesome point about this project? The wool actually comes from my stash!! Check out the colour!



Happy knitting!




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