Update 4: The Tower of London is Very Photogenic

The day after the EGX conference my hubby and I thought we’d go and explore the Tower of London (because we were staying about 15 minutes from it in the Premier inn). We’d both heard a lot about the history of the place (me primarily through the novels of Phillipa Gregory) and really wanted to go and have an explore.

What I really enjoyed about it, as well as the history, was the opportunities for photography.

This is the historic Traitor’s gate. Mainly used for bringing in resources for the tower, it was also the entry way for many prisoners into the Tower of London.


This was a cushion in a small chapel off one of the royal bedrooms. I just loved the coloured light (caused by the stained glass windows) in combination with the pattern on the cushion.


What I really love about this shot is how you can have the most modern parts of London and the oldest in the same frame.


Coming away from the history for a minute, there was a tree in front of the restaurant that was fully in bloom. It looked stunning. But I got a few weird looks from a group of French students when I went to get this picture….


For my final picture of the day, this was taken about 6:30 that evening. I love how the brickwork catches the light.


Many thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

All the best,



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