Update 3: EGX Rezzed – Gaming


So the other weekend the husband and I wondered up to London to see EGX Rezzed Gaming show. It was filled with some really fun games – both big names and independent designers. They were sprawled over a series of rooms with stalls mixed in – the food was expensive – but fantastic.

We came back with some rather cool baseball hats!


These are some of our most memorable games:

Prison Architect – A puzzle game where you have a build a prison, complete challenges and ensure you don’t end up with a prison riot! The preview is already up on the XBOX one, but I’m looking forward to the full version going up. This game has been on Steam for ages, so it’s a well tested and well played game.

Unbox – Another puzzle game where parcels deliver themselves. We got to try the tutorial level, which was very good fun. This is another one I want to try out on the Xbox One.


Warhammer: The End Times. – When I was a kid I had a brief phase of wanting to try and paint these little figures, primarily because my brothers were and I wanted a go. But anyway, this battle strategy game was surprisingly good fun and I’m looking forward to having a laptop that has enough power to run a game without crashing!

Worms W.M.D. – I’ve never played worms. I really don’t understand it – although I think it could be worth having a serious go at it. It’s a puzzle/strategy game where you kill other worms (either the computer or other players).

worms W.M.D.png

Orcs must die: Unchained (Beta) – This was a group game where (as the only female of the group) I was sat at the screen with the female character – but she had fire as her main weapon so that was pretty cool. Strategy/battle again v the computer or other player. Essentially you kill as many orcs as you can to stop them coming into your fort.

So here ends my summary of my most memorable games from the 2016 EGX Rezzed conference. I look forward to future ones, but I will try multiple days next time – one day was very exhausting! There was also some games we didn’t have time to play, purely because of the queues.


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