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Update part 1: Photography/Experimenting with Buttons

I’ve had a bit of a chance the last few weeks to start experimenting with one of the DSLR cameras my Dad’s lent me until I can decide afford a camera body and lens set. On the hunt for new or second hand…? (Yes that was a hint!!)

So, back from camera fantasies, photography is awesome.

During the Easter weekend the husband and I went over to Beaulieu house in Hampshire, UK. Of course, the camera came with me….

This was a close up shot of a tree using the macro. It was made to celebrate the wedding of the Lord’s son. The guests did padlocks and attached them to the tree. Which is all super cute.


The weather on this outing was absolutely perfect. We were also out early enough that none of the daffodils had died yet – creating this awesome picture opportunity.


This was trying out the super macro function…. pretty flowers.IMG_0064

This is a picture my husband took of me. I couldn’t resist…


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