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W.I.P. Hedgehog

It’s Thursday Morning. I am sat in my local Costa with a Hot Chocolate and armed with a couple of my W.I.P.s. Home is currently distracting (at least if I’m out I don’t need to feel guilty about the housework).

On an exciting note, I actually have 2 small W.I.P projects. I’ve finally plucked up the courage to try the first beginner project in ‘how to crochet book’. I’m currently attempting the wrap. It’s currently a business of trial and error. I’ll post up a project post when I’ve made it past line 2!! 🙂

In other news,  I’ve started knitted a hedgehog.

Hedgehog 2

It’s got sparkly tinsel wool – which is a bit of a pain to knit with as you can’t see how many rows you’re on, if you’ve dropped a stitch or which side of the stocking stitch you’re on. A good bit of practice!

Hedgehog 1


We’re starting with the back (the tinsel forms the hedgehog’s spikes. After I’ve completed that I need to knit the head, tail and feet. That’s going to be in double knit wool and I have a ball with sequins in to use for those from my stash. So it going to look like a bit of a hippy Hedgehog when it’s eventually finished.

Anyway, I’m going to get on with some more crafting before my (free) car-parking ran out. Hopefully, I’ll have more progress to share soon 🙂

Happy knitting all,





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