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Progress report – The first installment

So, I have pretty much made it through the first week of February (give or take a day!). I’m feeling really good – apart from an absolute stinker of a cold! So apart from that all good.

This week has been the start of the journey of the things I have already identified as stresses in my life. The idea is, if I can remove these, I will be ensuring I have enough emotional and mental energy to deal with the things in life that actually matter.

Diet and Exercise

So, as promised in my 2016 challenges post, I have not touched a drop of alcohol since the end of January. I actually have not really had much to drink since the last post on how overwhelmed I was feeling. In addition to alcohol, I have also almost kicked my caffeine habit to the dust. I say almost, because I have recently re-discovered chai tea (my nan introduced me to it a few years ago but I never brought myself any). I’m now having a couple of cups at work in the evening as a treat. But each mug has apparently got about a third of the amount of caffeine of an instant coffee. So a big reduction and (once this cold goes away) I will be sleeping a lot better in addition to generally just feeling a lot calmer.

I did actually make it to the gym this week – yay me! – I have also been out for a couple of walks this week as well. So this is also all starting to head in the right direction. Need to really start running properly again though.

Buying stuff

Well…. The success in this challenge has, I confess been mixed.

The car was on its way out. So that has been scrapped and replaced with a second hand, but much nicer, newer car. Fingers crossed this does the job for a long while!

A second screen for my craft room. This allows me to Netflix or multi-view stuff while blogging/browsing for knitting patterns. Again, this was not brought new. This was a £35 bargain from Gumtree. I’m also planning to hook it up to my Raspberry pi so I can get back to learning some Python coding.

A couple of new tops. 3 were plain white with long sleeves for work. They are fantastic under a shirt or blazer – especially with the cold weather. I also found this amazing Harry Potter Quidditch top while in the same shop. In my defence, since making the purchase, the top has been worn at every available opportunity and is now one of my favourite pieces of clothing.

Harry Potter Top

Getting rid of stuff

The Mins game – for better or worse – has been going on in our house. I’m posting pictures on my Instagram feed (see in the menu bar above for the link) each day. I’ve already made a few runs down the charity shop. I am a few days ahead of myself already and downstairs is already starting to look better. I am also feeling better as a result.

Mins Game.jpg

Yarn Stash

Some yarn has also been purchased. Sorry. Please forgive me. It was from a charity shop and they had enough of it that it was worth getting for the Army Camo inspired large knitting blanket WIP. It was only 99p a ball and I love the texture – so very excited to see how it will knit up.

On the other hand, I have been through about half of my stash and matched the wool up with projects. One of which got completed this week. Although, I still have about half of that yarn ball left – so I have enough for a reattempt in the future.


In addition, my next project is another stash project. Which is exciting as it’s all a bit more of a challenge. I picked up the pattern and tinsel wool at a local market late last year. Now I am really excited about giving this pattern a go.


Phone notifications

Since my blog post about feeling a little overwhelmed I have turned all my notifications off. They have stayed off and actually I do feel a little less stressed as a result. If you haven’t tried it, I would turn yours off. I haven’t missed any major news or disasters and I’ve got rid of that extra mental clutter in my life.

Why am I doing all this?

Life isn’t just about survival. It’s about actually living. This is something I have really learnt over the last year while I’ve been listening to The Minimalists. I’ve come to realise how much time I waste not doing stuff that I actually enjoy.

Over the last 12 months I’ve managed to find a job I’m really enjoying, a lot more time for knitting and writing. My passions are getting more time and I’m getting to spend more time with my family.

It’s all starting to come together, but I’m not quite there yet. I still have a lot of things that pull on my time that shouldn’t. These are the things I want to remove so that I get more time for living (primarily knitting, but we’ll call it living).

Thanks for reading.

Happy Knitting



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