My Finished Objects (F.O)

F.O. – A rather large pair of booties

So apparently these booties are meant to be for a baby….


Any baby that fits these will need huge feet…. These are more for a toddler in the winter.

I will need to edit the pattern to fit a small little un. But the perk with these is these knit up very quickly. So I will probably just knit these to size should I ever need the pattern in the future 🙂

The wool is beautiful though. So soft and I love the colour!

What have the rest of you been knitting?

Happy knitting



2 thoughts on “F.O. – A rather large pair of booties

  1. Those are super cute 🙂 Unfortunately, I have not been knitting anything. I’m dealing with ulnar nerve problems and am trying to heal instead of causing more damage. I finished my test knit shawlette on 1/26 and had to push through the pain to finish. I think that made it worse. It’s starting to feel a little better and hopefully I’ll be back to knitting again soon! I can’t wait because it is my stress relief.

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