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Overwhelmed at Home

I was going to journal this. But I thought that it might be interesting to share – as I can’t imagine I’m the only one.

So I’ve managed to get my life to a point where I am really enjoying work, my hobbies, friends and family. Currently the only things that seem to be being neglected are my husband and my house (including the gerbils – but they tend not to complain unless their addiction to pumpkin seeds goes unsatisfied).

With my change of hours at work my husband has had to cope with me going from an early bird to someone who gets up around 9:30ish most days. We’re also working hours that sometimes means the only time we get to see each other is an hour at lunch. To combat this we have decided to really start putting time and money aside to go out on at least one proper date night each month. We have both managed to bring down our spending and we are finding there is more money free for these much more fun excursions (while not going in the red!). Although, there is something to be said about not seeing him as much as I did. I think I actually now consciously appreciate the time I do spend with him more.

This month we made use of this buy a gift voucher for a 2 for 1 spa day at a Marriot Hotel. We have one locally in Bournemouth that we’ve been to before. It was a really lovely morning and it really put me on a high for the rest of the week. The other major plus was being able to chill together without the constant distractions of our phones, work, home and other general life issues.

The house is currently another matter entirely….

What I was trying to do last year was bring the amount of stuff I owned down to more manageable amount. The trouble I have now is that my mindset has changed to a point where I look at my stuff and it just stresses me out. Because it is literally everywhere and I can’t find anything. I’ve reached a realisation that I prefer spaces with less stuff in it – like cafe’s etc. They make me feel so much calmer. This has now reached a point that I would rather spend money in the local cafe than have a coffee at home.

The sign: I really need another sort through in this house. Stuff has to leave it. Another sign: I really need to focus on getting rid of distractions that stop me getting important stuff done. Netflix and Iplayer need to start being regulated to a time where I’m knitting or crafting/washing up.

Another thing I have also done is turning off notifications from apps on my phone. Including messages. This might sound absolutely nuts. But the other day I managed to leave my phone at my nans (I didn’t even know exactly where it was for about 10 hours). What really surprised me is that I didn’t really care. Yes, it would have been a bit of a pain having to organise a new phone and set it up. But it was also really freeing not to have it on me.

In all honesty, if it wasn’t for the fact that the data allows it to be a really useful hotspot and I can blog on it, I would consider downgrading. I might still downgrade as I’m pretty sure some of the lower end phones still have this function now. I have managed to find a way of fixing my old Nexus 7 that stopped charging 18 months ago. The laptop fixers on a local highstreet have quoted me about £50 to get it working again. Which is about £200 less than buying a new tablet! So combining that with a lower end phone would be a great cost saver.

In a more positive note, I’ve reacquainted myself with one of my favourite childhood CD’s this week. I originally had it on tape, then brought the CD a few years back. Here’s a playlist I found on YouTube of the album. It makes me feel so happy and so calm when I listen to it. So, if you’re having some stuff going on at the moment that is stressing you out – I invite you to have a listen…

Anyway, I now need to start sorting out some of this stuff. The quicker that’s done, the quicker I can get back to knitting 🙂 (the second bootie is nearly knitted – so an F.O post should be up within the week!!)

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Happy Knitting





7 thoughts on “Overwhelmed at Home

  1. Very interesting. 🙂
    I must admit, “storage” works for me. I have a storage unit, that is neat and organized and well labeled, away from the house. I only go there when I want to store something, or retrieve something that is really needed. Else, its out of my way and I know its there. I have “internet time” and work hard at not going on the web during other times.
    Movies and series watching still comes and goes, but I am working on that still. They go together with my knitting and crafting time, so its a good deal. 🙂
    All the best in getting your stuff sorted, its hard work, but so worth it. 😉

  2. Have you tried the KonMari method? If you’ve never heard of it, google it – it’s a decluttering/sorting out method that’s all the rage now, created by a Japanese woman called Marie Kondo. I’m going to give it a go very soon.

    Stuff also makes me feel stressed out, and often I feel I wish I had a separate workplace so I didn’t have to look at all my wool (and considering how much I love it, that’s saying a lot!) I’ve just finished moving my furniture around and threw away a pile of things, and I feel so liberated! I hope you manage to do the same 😊

    On another note… Can I say I’m envious of your 2 for 1 spa day?…

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