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W.I.P – Booties in Blue

So this week I  wanted to get a started on a little project. After the size of the jumper project, a more handbag friendly option seemed like a good break before I pick-up one of my WIPs.

As promised, this project came from a stash ball of wool. The project is small and rated intermediate in difficulty. So it should be interesting.

Preview shot

Not entirely sure what I’ll be doing with the F.O. But I think they’ll be very cute – especially in this wool 🙂


I’m loving the use of self striping wool and it is also lovely and soft to the touch. It’s also coming together pretty quickly. What I will probably do is knit both of the set and then sew them up later.

In other news, I won a Facebook competition for a box of a new variety of Kettle Crisps – Mozzeralla and Pesto flavour. I love pesto so I’m finding these very more-ish. But they’re notionally a bit healthier than normal crisps and I’ve been to the gym twice this week. They also mean that I don’t need to buy a snack at work. So that’s a win.



What’s everyone else got on the needles at the moment?

Happy knitting




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