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Listing Points of Now

I spotted this cute idea on a blog idea from Nicnax. I thought I’d give it a go as well 🙂

Making: Plans about future craft projects.
Cooking: A little, but need to find some more interesting meals I can freeze to take to work.
Drinking: Lots of Herbal Tea. Just discovered Twining Camomile & Spiced Apple.
Reading: The Queen by Andrew Marr.
Wanting: Warm weather so that I can start to use the bench in the front garden. A great sun trap.
Looking: forward to the possibilities that 2016 holds.
Remembering: good times from the past.
Annoying: My husband with lack of control over my craft den.
Playing: Law and Order on Channel 5 on Demand.
Wasting: Too much time on housework. Spending too much time cleaning and not enough knitting.
Sewing: My patchwork quilt.
Wishing: For my crafting time.
Paying: Off my credit card and store cards. Once they are clear there ain’t nothing else being spent on them. Looking forward to clearing my (relatively tiny) debt and having more time to chill out.
Enjoying: Discovering new knitting techniques and developing them.
Liking: Wine and Gin mixes.
Loving: Having my own crafting space. Have some alone time space really helps keep me chilled.
Fixing: my new/old Singer sewing machine.
Hoping: To get the house and garden finished this year.
Needing: More yarn (who isn’t?!??!?!?)
Smelling: The vanilla candles I have burning.
Wearing: Red Jeggings, Slipper UGG style boots, a minion T-shirt and a long shop-brought knitted cardigan.
Feeling: Really optimistic about 2016.
Bookmarking: Online info I’m finding on restoring the Singer machine.
Giggling about: A joke my Grandad shared with me which he found on Facebook 🙂

Happy Knitting



One thought on “Listing Points of Now

  1. They are some great points! Isn’t funny how we annoy our poor hubbies over crafting! They must get so sick of it! Haha! It’s nice to have a dedicated craft room too! I still find my crafting over take the house though!

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