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Another Long Term Project – Singer Restoration

About 6 months ago (i.e. before the move!) I headed down to a local market. As usual, this was a dangerous idea. But I did come home with this beautiful old Singer sewing machine – an absolute bargain at only £5. What I would really like to do is bring a bit of life to this machine and hopefully get it use-able again. It would be nice to use it for a few small sewing projects. But otherwise, I would love to spruce it up to just be able to have something beautiful and steeped in history.


However, there was a reason for the rock bottom price. The poor little diamond in the rough is not usable right from go. There is a little bit of rust on the metal parts and as you can see half the footplate is missing. However, in spite of that is has some really beautiful detailing.

Singer 3

Singer 4

In addition to these details added visual interest to this beautiful piece of history, I have also been able to use the number plate to find out a little more about the machine. To me, it looks hand punched, which I find really adds to the overall charm of this old lady.

Singer 2

My first bit of luck when I finally sat down to research this beauty was stumbling onto the blog ‘Our Handmade Home‘. I definitely plan on spending a bit more time over at this blog, but for the minute Ann’s post has provided me with some really helpful info which has allowed me to identify my machine.

One of her links brought me over to They have put together a database of the Singer serial numbers and their year of manufacturer. As my Singer has no letters in it’s serial number, I had to head over to this page.  Based on this site, because of the serial number, the approximate date of manufacture is 1893! Which, to me, makes it even more beautiful.

1,339,000 11,913,499 1893

Now knowing the date, I headed over to Google to try and find a way of ID’ing the model – info that will be essential for my hunt for spare parts. I came across (an absolute gem of a website) and this provided me with a fantastic quiz that ID’d the machine for me. Apparently, I am to proud owner of the 28K model. So this will be super useful info – I’ve already been able to locate an instruction manual. I initially found a site that wanted to charge me for it, I but returned to Google an managed to find the PDF online (Win!).

In addition to this, I also did some discovery of the machine itself. Check out the video below or click here to watch it on Youtube. 

This won’t be a project I will finish quickly. It’s going to be a bit of a treasure hunt looking for the spare parts and researching how to restore and clean it up properly. But, however long it takes, it is a project I’m really looking forward to carrying out.

Any maintenance or restoration hints and tips that you can share below will be very welcome. Because currently I have no idea. But the plan is definitely to do a lot of careful research before I do anything else.

Happy Knitting



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