An Hour Out of Touch

So, on a normal week day, I am usually out of the house by 12:45pm. I pick up my husband from work, take him to lunch and then drop in back at work just after 2pm before driving to my work. My work shift starts at 3pm.

My husband was a lucky sod and managed to get the period between Christmas and New Year off. So this routine has been out of touch for over a week. Apparently this is enough time for my brain to become totally and utterly confused.

Today I arrived at his work an entire hour early. Then I sat there for about 10 minutes before that finally clicked. Yep. I’m totally confused to. This doesn’t usually happen to me. As a rule I do try to be early. But that is usually a purposeful, planned concept. Not just that time has become such a confusing messy blur I don’t quiet know which way is up. It is slightly odd.

So, thankfully armed with my laptop, I went and found a local Burger King to sit in for a while. A small coffee £1.69 – it is ok – very overpriced I think for what it is. Although, it did serve the purpose of clearing the small change from the bottom of my purse. So we can thank God for small mercies.

What it does show to me through is that I really need to start quantifying my time. Structure during my day apparently seems to be something I’m struggling with since this altered work day. I know that, once I get myself organised, this time will be worth it’s weight in gold. There are a lot of things I want to do this year, professionally and at home, and getting myself organised will really make a huge difference to this.

But most of all I really want to be happy. A really important lesson I learnt last year – through exploration of TheMinamalists.com – is that this is a concept not tied in with what I own. The amount of stuff I have brought as a result has been reduced. My time has become more focused and I am starting to identify what actually makes me happy and what areas cause me stress.

Areas that cause me stress are being steadily removed. With less inclination to buy random stuff, and a strong desire to make some use of my crafting stash, the credit card is something I don’t have to rely on. The concept of ‘no debt is good debt’ is something that has been an incredibly useful lesson. Once the card has been cleared from Christmas it will go back to being ‘only for emergencies’.

Readers – Yarn is not an emergency purchase. (Runs and hides). Mentally, this concept of not having a credit card bill through every month (which we do usually clear anyway) is something that makes me happy.

Hopefully, with this spare cash, we can save it to enable us to pay off a chunk of the mortgage when the fixed term runs out. Getting that cleared in less than the current 35 year term would be lovely. Who wants a huge debt hanging over their heads anyway?

I also need to have another serious purge of stuff as well. I hate tidying and the amount of stuff we still seemed to have stockpiled makes this a constant on my To-Do list. The trouble is, that then I have no time to do the things that make me happy: blogging with you lovely lot, knitting, crafting and spending time with my family. Possessions are a definite source of stress for me.

I think it might be time for another round of The Mins game.

I now need to go and pick up my husband….

To a relaxing and de-stressing 2016

Happy knitting





2 thoughts on “An Hour Out of Touch

  1. I am also a big fan of minimalism, it is hard work though! I am planning to move to a different country, and you wouldn’t believe the progress I have made since having that in mind! Yes it is hard to find a balance, to make sure you are purging to pave a way for the future of living the life you want, and not more organizing. I would reccomend looking at the KonMari method, she is a very sweet lady who has a great philosophy that everything you own should bring you joy. She has an excellent way of helping you find out if an object brings you joy too, I found her helpful! 🙂 Good Luck!

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