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WIP – Knitting – Soft Yoga Top

So this I have officially progressed onto my first project with sleeves. The knitting itself is currently pretty easy – stocking stitch for the most part. But I am sure it will get a little more difficult as I have to shape for the sleeves/hood etc.

This is what the final finished project is supposed to look like. I’m hoping to be able to use it when I want something light over my arms – when it’s chilly by not cold enough for a jumper.


[Image Copyright Art Of Knitting]

It was also the largest ball of wool I’ve ever needed for a project. 400g of Aran wool looks huge.

Aran 1

[Image Copyright MrsKirstyHoll]

This project is coming to work and back with me every day. I feel actually quite eccentric carrying this around at work…. I do get a few enquiring looks…


Aran 2

[Image Copyright MrsKirstyHoll]

For those of you who follow me on Instagram (check out the tab above if you don’t) I am posting all of my progress to there. Currently, I am knitting the first piece. The back is about half finished at the moment. I’m hoping to have the entire thing finished by Christmas.

This is the latest progress shot from about 20 minutes ago.

Aran 3

[Image Copyright MrsKirstyHoll]

What do you guys think? I’m really enjoying the project.

What are you all up to at the moment?



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