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F.O. – Home crafts – Net Curtains.

So I finally have my craft room up and running. It’s (creative) chaos with candles and fairy lights.

Spent the last few weeks getting a birthday/Christmas knit done. That has now been safely delivered and opened. So pictures to follow soon.

Today’s job is to get started on the net curtains for my craft room.

The old ones have made it off the window. They have holes and paint splatters!


The new ones will be made out of fabric from my top table backdrop at my wedding. The mirrored butterflies were all hand sewn on by my grandmother in law.

wedding shot blog

This is a close up shot of the new fabric. It isn’t as wide as the old fabric. But its more than twice as long as it needs to be. So i’m going to half it and have 2 pieces.


So I have spent the evening with a needle and thread with Netflix 🙂 I am totally obsessed with Homeland at the moment…..

Hand sewing took a good few hours. But very pleased with the final result!


What do you think? I think that I could save myself so much time by learning how to use a sewing machine!!


5 thoughts on “F.O. – Home crafts – Net Curtains.

  1. Its stunning. I have a sewing machine, but also sometimes sit and sew by hand. 🙂 Then I can work anywhere and watch tv or movies at the same time.
    I love your window display, it is beautiful. Great job!

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