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NaNoWriMo 2015 – Chance Encounters – Chapter 6

Diary of Amelia

14th February 2015

The last 24 hours is some of the best time Mark and I have spent together in such a long time. It’s been so amazing to have the concept that he loves me reaffirmed – sometimes you do just start to get a little worried!!! But I really want to record this all in detail.

This weekend, Mark has really surprised me. He took yesterday (Friday) off work – shock horror as I had not seen him for more than 10 minutes this week – and told me to go out for the morning. I was handed a credit card (I’m usually not trusted not to go shopping) and told to go actual shopping for a few hours. “Don’t return until after lunch” he said.  One of the best bits was that I was told to go and treat myself to a beautiful new dress! Which was seriously awesome – I soon found myself in the Castlepoint TK Max.

Parking was a complete nightmare – but the dress (and matching shoes…) made the entire thing totally worth it. I also swung past my favourite salon (they had a walk-in deal sign outside so it would have been rude not too) on the way back – spilt ends needed some TLC.

The best bit, when I got home Mark had 2 suitcases packed and informed me that I wouldn’t need to worry about cooking for the next few days. Putting 2 & 2 together I started jumping up and down in excitement.

I asked him where we were going and was informed that it was very nice, but not very far. He needed to be relatively close to work – just encase. Thinking about it, I am pretty sure that the last time we went abroad was out honeymoon…

A few minutes later – I’d needed to rescue his valentines present from my yarn cupboard (because why would he ever think to look there?!??)  – we were on the road with suitcases packed in the boot.

It took us about 15 minutes before we arrived at the local Marriott hotel. This made my stomach start to flutter, it was the first place we had stayed away together (although that had been mid-week to accommodate our frugal student budget). So, even though it was so close to home, it was still ridiculously romantic.

When we arrived, Mark took the door keys and led the way upstairs. The room was beautiful and although the original plan was to head straight down stairs we were delayed a little 😉 I had to thank him properly!

Anyway…. Once we had got changed again… we headed downstairs to the hotel bar to enjoy the remainder of the afternoon. Mark and I settled ourselves with a couple of mugs of coffee on a small, secluded table by the window. We had a fantastic view out onto the English Channel. The view good enough that I was convinced that I could see France – but Mark was totally unconvinced by my assertions.

The best bit was that he left his phone in the bedroom that entire afternoon, so we spent a few hours having proper conversations – exactly like we used to before work got so busy for him.

As the afternoon continued I may well have progressed from coffee to Irish coffee to a G&T. I also do not officially admit to being on G&T number 3 when Mark suggested (with a very obvious amount of subtext) that we head upstairs to start getting ready for dinner.

It took us over 2 hours to ‘get ready for dinner’.

But I regret nothing 😉

So after a very relaxing joint shower we both got changed into our ‘posh people’ outfits and made our way down to dinner.

The food was absolutely amazing and Mark treated us to an amazing bottle of champagne. A very rare treat for me. We decided we were both too full for pudding, but we did head back to the bar to order a glass of wine for me and a whiskey for Mark.

Sat in the bar, we sat in a relaxed silence before starting out in an old game of gesturing at other people in the bar and trying to imagine where they had come from. It was an old game from uni where the cinema was too expensive and we had needed to make our own entertainment.

We shifted our chairs closer together and Mark poured champagne from our second bottle of the evening.

The room was filled – shockingly – we couples. So the only person I really remember from the game is a woman sat on her own in the corner. She was dressed up really nicely – so we could only presume that potentially her date had not actually shower. Mark laughed like a small child, but I did feel a little sorry for her. Being surrounded by all of these other couples on Valentine’s Day must have been a really horrible experience.

** Word Count 8818. **


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