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NaNoWriMo – Chance Encounters – Writer’s Update

So I’ve made it to day 6. I am already behind on my word count. I’ve started a new job this week – so I’m totally exhausted today as my new shift is 3 – 10:30pm. But that has hampered my hopes from writing this week while my body adjusts to the new pattern. But hopefully, in the long run the morning time will be awesome for creative productivity 🙂

Thankfully the weekend starts tomorrow – have plans for a Indian themed snack dinner (with wine) for dinner as my husband and I have hardly seen each other this week. So I am hoping this minimal cooking strategy will be a productive strategy for catching up on word count during the day while he is at work.

Apparently the par for day 6 (according the NaNo site) is 10000. I’m currently on 5877. I’m posting the chapters as I complete the first draft of them on the tab above in the menu bar – so apologies for appalling grammar, there is no time to go back and check at the moment. However, I would love to know what you think of it so far. When it’s all done and edited, I would love to get it posted up on Amazon and get myself a printed copy 🙂 Seeing my work in print is definitely a bucket list/life goal.

Knitting projects: 

Currently about 1/2 way through the red ribbed scarf. Totally behind on this project. It’s a gift that is needed for 2 weeks time. Arggghhhh!!!!

Dan’s Christmas Scarf. On standstill at the moment. Need December for this one I think.


Made a start on painting the craft room. This will be a slowly by surely painting job. But it will be worth it when I finish.

Kitchen floor tiles have arrived. Being put down this month.

New chest freezer arrived for the garage – so I can actually bulk buy normal sized pizzas (by current freezer is tiny!).

I’ve brought some rectangular plastic colourful pots for the bulbs – Tulips and daffodils. The plan is to get hold of some pansies to go on top over the winter and then these will go in the front garden along the border between us and next door.

So that’s a quick update from me – I’m going to just back to writing in a min…or possibly housework….

How are you all doing this Friday?

Happy knitting



2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Chance Encounters – Writer’s Update

  1. My husband Kenn and my daughter are both writing feverishly as well! So far Kenn is ahead of the word count but Lyndsay is behind. I’m struggling to keep my blog up to date! You are to be congratulated on even starting. I’m sure you will catch up.

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