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NaNoWriMo – Chance Encounters – Chapter 4

The diary of Kristina

17th January 2015

So this is the first time I’ve managed to write anything in here since New Year. Unexpectedly, Carl randomly turned up on New Year’s eve (around lunch) with 2 tickets to a New Years party in the O2 (the one in Bournemouth unfortunately). He then dragged me out dress shopping – such a hardship! – then he treated me to a sparkly new dress. TK Maxx is awesome. Did not get much sleep that night, but it was so totally worth it.

This year has got to be a good one. Finally have enough established clients that I’m not having to work 24 hours a day to pay the rent. So that is a complete win and I am already starting to feel better for it.

Things I want to get done for this year to be awesomely successful:

  1. Get a few larger clients – ideally medium to large sized business. That would be really interesting to have a go at.
  2. Start saving for a deposit – or at least earn enough so that I have cash spare to save for a deposit.
  3. Grow my blog to a size where I can actually earn a little bit of money off it. That would be awesome if it could start paying for itself.

Managed to get another blog post up today. So feeling rather pleased with myself. Although, not the most thought-provoking videos had popped up today – the best one was pretty cute. Someone, somehow, has managed to get a video of a cat hugging a baby pigeon. In all honestly, I have no idea how on earth this was done with no blood! But the two animals on my screen have successfully survived the 5 minutes of video – the pigeon thoroughly washed with cat spit. Nice…

I’m pretty sure that I only actually bothered to write the pigeon blog to avoid my blinking email box. It looks really full (about 22 unopened emails) and I just did not really want to face it initially.

When I did, I did wonder why I had actually bothered putting them off. 6 were from various Social Media blogs I read/ scan through. There was one interesting article about Facebook algorithm changes for pages. But the rest were not much use to me. So a nice and quick start to inbox clear operation.

Another 7 were from potentially new clients inquiring about meeting for a consultation – which means the ‘free consultation’ leaflets I’ve spent time posting actually worked! Then another 2 were whining emails from clients wanting me to repeat information I had already sent over to them – I resent the old emails with a ‘see below’. I refuse to waste time repeating myself. 4 were from clients asking very sensible ideas and asking if stuff they had seen other people do could be incorporated into something for them. Thankfully, they had all sent URL’s or at least a screen shot and I spent a good couple of hours going through those and investigating the suggestions. After figuring out if they were any good, I replied back with emails confirming whether I would add the idea to the plan or suggested a date to discuss it. Those are the kind of clients I really like – engaging with the process and helping with industry knowledge I just don’t always have.

The other one, the very last unopened mail in my inbox, appeared to have come from an email address I hadn’t seen before.

I’m going to be honest, I sat there for about 5 minutes starting at it before I clicked on it. Carl was always telling me to be careful when opening emails encase of viruses etc. My virus scanner was still happily buzzing away as a little item in the corner of my desktop. So I would be pretty safe from anything that might come through.

When I opened it, rather than 3 millions links taking me to strange, foreign sites, along with hundreds of strange attachments, there was only a body of text. I’ve copied and pasted it into here for posterity. It is truly a classic piece of work. Possibly someone feeling just a tad paranoid?

Every Responsible Upstanding Member of the Community is Actually a Criminal in Disguise.

 That heading literally cracked me up. I nearly sent my coffee crashing to the ground. Seriously, who were these people?

Bloggers around the world, I urge you to join my cause for it is a noble one.

To be honest, I should have stopped reading it there, but I continued.

What I have to tell you will change how you visualise the very much fabricated strains of our reality. Those figures in who we put all our out trust to keep us safe, employee our brothers, sisters, uncles, mothers do not have their best interests at heart. There is a huge conspiracy afoot. I believe that I am the very first to have been brave enough to pass on this message.

At this point my eyes did flick back to the email address, then the lack of signature at the bottom. No points for bravery from me if you are not even going to bother giving me your name. No evidence either! Lols for not even being able to do any back fact checking.

I feel that it is my solemn duty to break it to you that all of those within your communities that you trust and rely on are in embroiled in this grand conspiracy. I beg you to believe what I have to say. These honourable pillars of the community all have links with criminal gangs which have helped fund their high rise to power. How else have they managed to so successfully climb to the top of the tower? Answer me this.

The answer – you cannot find it within you with a ‘logical answer’ can you? That is because there is truth in what I have to say. International criminal organisations are slowly taking over our society by creating the people in power. They are their faces, their puppets. The puppet masters pull the strings as quickly as they pour the cash into their puppet’s pockets.

Our whole world is being controlled by faceless individual who control of ‘elected officials’. Those who believe that we live in a fair and free society are imagining a bygone era.

Life as we now experience it is not free, or fair or safe. You must free yourself from these chains and revolt with me today.

Revolt with me today by signing this petition:

The link really set me off. It was about another 5 minutes before my laughter had calmed down enough to click through on it. The description was basically just a copy and paste of the email content.

It had 5 signatures after 24 hours. Funnily enough, I don’t hold much faith of this being debated in parliament any time soon… although that will be probably blamed on it being part of the conspiracy attempting to down trod the ‘real people’… There is no talking sense to some people!

Alternatively, reply to this email directly if you want to ask any further questions. If you would like to take a more active involvement I would also encourage you to message. We are currently actively recruiting for new members.

Shockingly, I was not every planning on replying to this email and I quickly deleted it. It was just so hilarious what some people think. I mean, everyone is – of course – entitled to an opinion. But please do not make me listen to it if it is quiet that stupid.

Seriously, who actually genuinely still believes things like this????

**Would love to know what you guys think 🙂 Please feel free to post honest feedback below 🙂 It would be much appreciated**


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